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  1. Teddy

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    Summary: 21 new talents, and an updated bow!

    Recommended level: N/A

    Update Description


    The General category has received 11 new talents (one of which is disabled until next patch), and the Magic and Melee categories have received 5 new talents each! Hopefully this will provide some more interesting combinations, as well as help with certain existing play styles.

    The Bow

    The Bow, the black sheep of the game, is now more like the grey sheep it was intended to be! Still a definite secondary weapon, but unlike before it can now actually complement various builds quite well (if upgraded).

    Before, the bow was actually pretty decent right where you got it, but quickly became nearly useless despite scaling (poorly) with player level.

    Now it can be upgraded up to three times. The first upgrade is unlocked straight away, but is most likely acquired after Flying Fortress for cost reasons. The second unlocks post Temple of Seasons, and the last one unlocks after Tai Ming!

    The bow can now be charged up to deal more damage. With the standard bow, the uncharged damage is a little bit less now than it was before, while a charged shot deals more. At Upgrade 3, the bow can be charged even further, piercing through multiple enemies.

    Next Up: Apart from hotfixing any bugs caused by the new talents, we're going to once and for all replace the potion system with something more nuanced! Maybe we'll turn all the existing potions people are carrying around into cans of pet food or something. After that, Stable will get to enjoy the massive rebalance patch all in one, giant bite!


    • 21 new talents have been added (11 general, 5 magic, 5 melee)
    • The Utility skills have recieved their real sound effects
    • You can now upgrade the bow once per cleared temple (up to 3 times currently)
    • Skill: Buffs can now be cast on multiple allies while holding down the spell button
    • Skill: Taunt can now be canceled quicker after being cast
    • Skill: Taunt can now be canceled quicker after being cast
    • Skill: Barrier's duration has been increased
    • Bow: The bow can now be charged to deal a bit more damage
    • Bow: The default quiver size has been reduce slightly
    • Bow: The chance of finding arrows has been increased
    • Bow: Leveling up now grants full arrows (outside of Arcade Mode)
    • Bow: You can now turn around while charging the bow
    • Enemy: Boars and Scarecrows have received a slight increase in HP
    • Enemy: Elite Echoes of Madness must now do at least one normal attack between its special attack
    Bug Fixes
    • Gameplay: Speed buffs no longer stack on clients if cast just before a cutscene
    • Gameplay: EP Regen no longer increases the rate at which EP is drained in Berserker Style
    • Housing: Shrinking a wall from the right no longer erases reshaped lower walls
    • Visual: The Spirit Potion icon is now back
  2. ark626

    ark626 Moderator

    :D Cool, or to say it in german, geiler ScheiƟ <3
    Can't wait to get home today and experiment those new talents and setups.
    Its multiplayer season again :D
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  3. CatBug

    CatBug Rabby

    Heh looks like another amazing update. ^^ Gonna have to do another playthrough now.
  4. res7less

    res7less Jumpkin

    It seems there is a "%" missing behind [CSCrit] in the flavor to Combo Starter.

    Also, I like the skill name Efficient Counter. Its description could also say "Increases the speed of counting from 1 to 100 for each Talent Level", or it could be the name for a piece of furniture! :D

    Edit: Also, I'm not sure the Elemental Specialist talent is really working. It does say "spell damage", not MATK, so there is no visible feedback on the stats when skilling. However, with the maxed out talent, maxed out Icy Spikes and 6 points in Ice Nova, I still don't notice any difference in damage output.
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  5. h0ffi`

    h0ffi` Green Slime

    Are all of the new talents enabled in the arcademode? i just tried snap cast and it had no influence on my matk :/
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  6. The G-Meister

    The G-Meister Giga Slime

    Snap cast isn't new :p
  7. h0ffi`

    h0ffi` Green Slime

    oh, lol, okay xD
  8. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    It's actually a flat increase, not in percent! It's a bit confusing, but yeah, it increases the Crit Chance stat by 30, meaning you'll get a 30 % crit chance just from that talent, rather than having your crit chance mutliplied by 1.3!

    It seems to work for me! Are you remembering to actually cast the spell after the perfect guard to trigger it? The MATK doesn't increase until a magic spell is cast!
  9. res7less

    res7less Jumpkin

    Ah, I see. That problem is actually familiar to me and what I did, was changing up the wording whenever I mean a flat increase or an increase by a percentage. One could for example use "increases by" whenever it's percentual and use "gives" or "adds" whenever it's flat. But that's just a suggestion, of course.
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  10. h0ffi`

    h0ffi` Green Slime

    You were right :D i just checked the MATK after perfect guarding, not after actually casting
  11. nicomorales

    nicomorales Green Slime

    when will these changes be in the stable version? or is it an indefinite date?

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