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Summary: Potion system rework, with a new quest and lots of new potions!

Recommended level: N/A

Update Description

Potions: Old vs New System

Before, you would stack up on the potion of your choice, equip it on a quickslot, and then just spam it for what amounted to a permanent buff with close to zero effort from the player. It just wasn't a very interesting system!

With the new system, you can gain up to three magical flasks, and you can assign a potion type to each of them. When you drink one of the potions, the flask will begin to recharge, with a much increased rate as long as you're dealing damage. Only one of the flasks can recharge at the same time, so you'll have to consider that when drinking multiple potions in a row!

Which brings us to another big change: unlike before, you can now combo multiple potion buffs to create great spikes in power, but since only one potion can refill at the same time, such combos can not be used frequently!

We feel this new system gives the player a wider variety of interesting choices and trade-offs. Do you drink the always useful but fairly weak Health Potion, which takes a long time to regenerate, or do you favor aggressive potions, which refill quickly and can keep you buffed permanently if you play your cards right and continue to deal damage?

Since these potions haven't been tested yet, we fully expect to need to fine tune some stats and durations, but even as they are we hope they will provide an interesting gameplay aspect!

Old Potions become Pet Food

Most players didn't bother much with drinking the old potions (despite them actually being quite useful). A more popular use case was to just pour them all into your pets! Since this seems to have been an appreciated use case for the more grind-minded players, we've decided to let Oak (the guy who owns the farm in Evergrind Fields: West) follow his dream of opening up a Pet Food Shop!

So, all the existing potions in your inventories will turn into pet food, and if you've caught both the Slime and the Rabby, you'll be able to buy more pet food from Oak on his farm!

Next Up: We'll fix any issues that come up on Frontline, and if it seems stable enough we'll finally patch Stable, which will get months worth of game improvements at once! After that, we're onto our final stop before going back to working on the story full time: updating Arcade Mode.


  • The Potion system has been reworked - visit Remedi in Evergrind City to try it out!
  • A new NPC has come to town, and he has a potion related quest to give
  • Oak, the farmer, now has a pet food store where he sells pet food
  • Talent: Fine Taste now increases potion effect rather than potion duration
  • Quest: The story and reward surrounding Remedi's first quest has been altered - redo the quest for the new reward
  • Arcade: Upon entering a new room, players do not have collision against each other for one second
  • Pet Food: The feeding value of fish has been increased, and changed to better reflect fish rarity
  • Pet Food: A lot more of enemy drops can now be used as pet food
Bug Fixes
  • Gameplay: Dying in Arcade challenge rooms and waiting for the time to run out no longer fake-resurrects players
  • Quest: You can now turn in the Cooking Witch Candy-quest even if you found the last ingredient in the same zone as her
  • Housing: Adding and deleting new rooms should now work as intended for visitors in multiplayer


I thought something like auto-potion use would be useful (so you automatically drink a potion when it's ready). Even more useful if it would bypass the need to drink again and just run the effect when potion is ready - sounds like a neat hidden skill or something.


Just played through the new stuff. Apart from the quite interesting new potion system, I found the new questline absolutely hysterical! I laughed out loud on several occasions (especially the "least reassuring resume" part) during that quest - it was just glorious. Next time we meet Remedy outside should be under a bridge. I also want to put the "Bunch of Mushrooms" hat on his head because of its description.

Furthermore, I noticed the change in pitch of the great Provoke sound, which sounds even funnier now.

Also, the sprites for pet food look very neat. In combination with the tasty sounding dish names it kind of reminded me of anime food, that usually looks so ridiculously delicious up to the point that you get hungry even if you're eating something this very moment.

Apart from that, there was a small issue of Oak not displaying a blue question mark before approaching him - not sure if he was supposed to have one or not, though. I haven't encountered any other issues otherwise.

Edit: When exiting the game with ALT+F4 during the first selection of a potion, you receive the empty flask without having selected your first potion. When you come back, Remedi is already young, but after selecting your first potion, the dialogue with old man Remedi appears. Discovered that when trying to figure out where the LockedFlaskDescription ID appears in the game.

Edit2: Shadow Clone + Hex Potion. Hahahahaha.

Edit3: Another very minor thing: The item name "Magma Spore" should be plural to be consistent with the "Mushroom Spores" item.
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Wow, you guys really made us work this time with all those Pott rhymes and cat/rat claws and stuff ;) Almost done, though. Tad late-ish this time, I know.

However, I just stumbled upon something:

In Remedi_Quest_PumpkinGetNew02, 12 of 13
he suggests a flask as payment. However, in multiplayer it should be a flask for each person, not just one flask. I took the freedom to change it in my translation. I hope you're fine with it!