Version 0.873a


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Summary: Side content ahoy!

Recommended level: 26-30

Update Description


Note: This is one of those real Frontline updates, where sounds are missing, some graphics are placeholder etc! The gameplay should hold up well, though!

About the update

So this is the traditional "side content" update that usually follows a main story update, and as always things got a bit out of hand! First and foremost, the teased chests and secrets of the Lost Ship now has proper rewards, and the cards have their effects implemented. Mixe (the Lost Ship bartender) now also offers a pretty substantial side quest with a total of three rewards.

Apart from that, for a polished impression we also felt that we wanted to give the world-shifting ability some place outside of the ship. To that end, we've added
ghosts in Tai Ming and the Pumpkin Woods graveyard

Oh, and the news everyone has been waiting for: the library is now open!!

Next Up: We've just now received a big bag of sounds for the ship, so we'll be adding those, and also be completing a fairly big main story cutscene for when you return to the HQ! Since those things got separated from this side content batch, we'll make another Frontline update before the Stable folks get it. Sorry for the wait guys - hopefully the extra polish makes it worth it!



  • A quite large side quest can now be gotten from Mixe in the Lost Ship
  • The Lost Ship chests now contain proper items and contribute to save file completion
  • You can now rebind keyboard controls in the in-game menu (before it had to be main menu)
  • The Lost Ship Cards now have proper effects
  • If you've finished the festival, The Library will now be open! Yay, books!
  • Added a new semi-minor NPC for Evergrind City: Mirar
  • Added ghost NPCs to other parts of the game, mostly Tai Ming but also one other place...
  • Added several interactions with aforementioned ghosts
  • Adjusted the Torch Puzzle in The Lost Ship to be a bit more readable (and polished)
Bug Fixes
  • The Lost Ship enemies should now look proper when frozen/in stasis
  • Haunties can now be targeted by stasis when hidden in Twilight
  • Skipping the Frozen Fairytale quest no longer locks you out of parts of Temple of Seasons
  • Returning to the Temple of Season thorn obstacle room now properly shows the ice thorns
  • Fixed a bunch of text mistakes
  • The Throw recall animation should now sync properly across host and clients
  • The Skeleton Wizard/Warrior Armor recipes now requires Twilight Cores instead of Magic Cores from Tai Ming
  • Using melee skills no longer cause Barrier to be temporarily weakened
  • Fixed a bug where skipping certain cutscenes as the host caused enemies to disappear for clients
  • Fixed a bug where releasing the shield button while going into a house would make clients stuck with their shield out for the server


Oh, cool. That's my build!

And my potions?

And my... character design...

I have become yet another statistic to identity theft. :eek: