Version 0.879a


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Summary: Hey, listen! Sounds! And a final touch to the story arc.

Recommended level: 26-30

Update Description


About the update

This is a so-called "Stable candidate", in that from here on it's just bug fixing and monitoring for a while before the whole Lost Ship will sail into port for the Stable-branch!

In this update, the Lost Ship finally got its sounds, and it feels a lot better with them! I especially recommend battling the last boss of the ship again, if you can muster it, because those sounds were great in our opinion.

We also put the arc end-point a tiny bit further into the story, as we felt that was a better way to end it for now. Hopefully you'll enjoy what you see!

Next Up: Bugwatch until sometime early next week, which is when we finally hope to get this thing to Stable so more people can enjoy it and we can move on to the next chunk of development!



  • The Lost Ship now has sound effects!
  • To better end the Lost Ship arc, we've added a tiny bit of story in the HQ
  • Our favorite villain trio (no bias) gets some catharsis in the Evergrind Cafe
  • Inspecting the DNA Door to the optional phase shift course with Tannie waiting outside now triggers a hint to go into Twilight
Bug Fixes
  • The vision stealing eyes in the Evil Eye boss fight are no longer called Obsession
  • If sent to a magical journey to a land far away, the torch puzzle mask now returns after a little while
  • The Solem Shield now triggers properly when perfect guarding Skeleton Warriors
  • The first enemies of the Lost Ship fight rooms can no longer be hit while out of Twilight
  • The Lost Ship's third boss no longer disappears randomly in multiplayer if the connection is too superb
  • Mirar giving his mirror should now play properly on clients
  • If the server selects the correct item for a ghost, the item-give interface should now close properly on clients