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  1. Seiken

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    Good evening, good folks of SoG-forums!

    I'm Mathias, a guy from Norway. I recently came across this game one night as I was browsing Steam's storepage. Being a follower of Vinesauce on Youtube, I followed them on Steam as well, and came over a comment they had placed on this game.

    "Remember Secret of Mana? This game fills that gap in one's life. Solid and fun combat. The various modes keep you coming back. This game shows promise." -Vinesauce ??.??.???

    As some MIGHT have guessed from the username I have here, I am a huge Secret of Mana-fan, and I simply had to check out this game. While I've come to realize that this isn't really the same, it's down in the same alley, and simply by watching the videos, some letsplays and screenshots, I was hooked. I wanted to play this game.

    So, to put this rather long introduction short, even though I felt it did a really good job telling you guys exactly how I got here, I just wanted to say I'm sure it's nice to meet you all, I hope to make some new friends, and... I'm kinda looking for someone to play with. I like to think I'm a pretty fun guy, perhaps a bit quirky and witty, but overall friendly and open-minded. I am running my own Studio, and got a solid mic and headset for long nights with adventuring, as well with lots of time at my hand.

    Hope to meet as many of you as possible, and that we can all have some fun together.

    -Mathias L. L.
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  2. GoodStuff

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    Welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you. :D
  3. res7less

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    A fellow Seiken Densetsu fan! Welcome!
  4. Seiken

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    Thanks guys! A really nice picture of Shade you got there! One of my favorite spirits!
  5. res7less

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    Thanks! :)
  6. The G-Meister

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  7. Seiken

    Seiken Green Slime

    Cheers, I've had a few looks there and think I'll make a post there soon. And thanks for the compliment! Been growing it a few years now :)

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