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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Teddy, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Varadim

    Varadim Green Slime

    So will it appear on steam as a early access or do we have to Preorder at humble bundle?
  2. Todoc

    Todoc Green Slime

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  3. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Like Todoc said, you'll have to use the Widget! We might join the official Early Access on Steam later, but we want to see people's reaction outside of Steam first. We don't want to risk people buying it on Steam without reading the description and then give the classic negative "what, this game isn't finished yet?!"-reviews that will stick with the game forever!

    Also, buying from widgets (from the developer's website -- not the humble store) is better if you want to support the developer, since they get a significantly larger cut from widgets than if you buy via Steam. Contrary to popular belief, the Humble Store takes pretty much exactly the same cut as Steam, but some of their cut goes to charity.
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  4. Varadim

    Varadim Green Slime

    Thank you for your answer, it's quite understanding about the recent flow with early access games. I usually keep an open mind about most games but my friends have started to hate early access because of the unfinished content that they wished had been released earlier. (Starbound, Rust, Damned, etc)

    And as for widget, I did not know that it was better for the developers, that's always a plus to know.

    Also Todoc, thank you for showing how it might look as a purchase.
  5. decentlyexposedjay

    decentlyexposedjay Green Slime

    I have no life I'm always free. :p
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  6. POtem

    POtem Green Slime

    I am NOT gonna sleep tonight. BELIEVE IT !!!
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  7. CupidStunt

    CupidStunt Green Slime

    [disclaimer: this post might not make a whole lot of sense.. but i think the meaning of it is :p
    As always, i can only provide my personal opinion, and so this post does not reflect anything besides that]

    Let me take use of this thread and congratulate Teddy Sjöström, Fred Ström and Vilya Svensson (Pixel ferrets to be short)

    Not just for the Secrets of Grindea itself, or that it will be responsible for thousands of joy-full pleasurable moments amongst the people that will play this game.

    I (like to) understand the development progress of this project, which is making a dream-game.
    Although its not as complete as Pixel Ferrets wants it to be, i think it is appropriate to say that the coming days will be fairly exciting to them. They are in the progress of building a game, but now feel comfortable to provide the masses with proper beta version of it, which sounds to me like a great deal.

    It might be short, 18 hours (time of post, time i predict pre-order to go live)..

    But if my expectations regards Secrets of Grindea are to be true. (Game-entertainment/) -History is about to be written here.. erh.. 'typed here*' :p.

    Maybe i am to hyped about, but if am not, i just like to hit the spot before the masses get to it (which i very much encourage, masses getting to it)...

    The three of you that form Pixel ferrets, who are one after another serve purpose to life as you see fit (towards others that is). I return a lot of others will have a the 'distraction' to serve there purpose, with having something to sink in to. To relieve the pressure that that certain purpose might give one.

    (right, now i'm getting to deep into it i think..)
    I just want to congratulate Pixel Ferrets for getting to this point. You guys rock it :D
  8. Aurophobia

    Aurophobia Halloweed

    I died a little on the inside from the "Believe It" Naruto Dub Quote.

    And agreed Cupid. They have done great things...and I will reap what they have sown.
  9. POtem

    POtem Green Slime

    Have you ever been so exited,that your sleep is scared off you,that can't sleep? well thats how I am right now! (no sleep night!)
  10. decentlyexposedjay

    decentlyexposedjay Green Slime

    Sometime in the afternoon guess what time it is there! Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 7:01:43 AM (and counting)
  11. Kilet

    Kilet Green Slime

    :> Still looking forward to the release time XD!
  12. kamalu22

    kamalu22 Green Slime

  13. Tactrix

    Tactrix Rabby

  14. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    I'm gonna upload torrent for a while
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  15. Chris Soames

    Chris Soames Rabby

    Just finished the demo. After such a long time waiting, it's great to finally be playing the game! Now I just have to wait for the release... Any ideas what time the pre-orders are going up? What are we talking here, hours or minutes? :p
  16. Floh-mit-Keks

    Floh-mit-Keks Green Slime

    I think about ten minutes, when I need to go to work Q.Q
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  17. POtem

    POtem Green Slime

    *tear falls of the left cheek* :') OMG...I dont have words...Have waited so looong,and what I get is holy food from the gods of gaming. Ferrets,God bless y'all !!
  18. Tactrix

    Tactrix Rabby

    fantastic game, played the demo its out of this world, great job ferrets, may the rabby's keep you safe!
  19. goku09

    goku09 Green Slime

    Playing the demo as well, all I can say is please take my money now.... awesome game!
  20. Chris Soames

    Chris Soames Rabby

    Longest. Day. Ever. Can't wait!

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