The Ultimate Talent Suggestion Thread!!!

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Teddy, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. t4e.axel

    t4e.axel Green Slime

    General Talents:

    -Increas drop rate by X% per level.

    Melee Talents:

    -Having no shield equiped increases ATK by 5% per level.

    Will of Iron
    -Survive with 1 Health when receiving damage that would normally kill you.

    Magic Talents:

    -While charging a magic spell recover Energy by X per level each second.

    -Increase the duration of support spells by 10% per level.

    Brain over Brawl
    -Decrease Health by 2% and increase Energy by 2% per level.

    Hang in there Buddy
    -Downed summons revive automatically after X seconds.
  2. werodar

    werodar Green Slime

    Something for the Combatmage: Increases your Magic dmg/Atk dmg by 10%/20%/30%....(5%/10%/15%...?) of your Atk dmg/Magic dmg. (If your Atk is higher your Magic gets increased/If your Magic is higher your Atk gets increased.)
  3. werodar

    werodar Green Slime

    Lol totaly overread your post sry well ofcourse youd need to balance everything atk speed of the bow dmg etc but by the looks of it its out of the question anyways besides that i dont see why it should be op.
  4. Fred

    Fred Developer Staff Member

    I would just like to point out that bow talents are not something we've completely shut the door to or anything. We are still standing by our decision to keep the bow a side weapon without it's own active skill tree, but I'm all for adding talents for it in the future. So, keep posting away suggestions (yes werodar, I'm looking at you dude!)
  5. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    Cloning Shield - When you perfect guard a projectile, you can launch a copy of it while raising shield again. It will have X% per level of it's former power.

    Ki - X% per level of your physical damage will also affect power of spells.

    Healthy - X% per level more chance to resist a negative status effect.

    Fiend - Each attack that has a chance to inflict status effect will get X% per level more chance to do so.

    Bag of Luck - X% per level more chance not to consume item you use.

    And with upcoming respec function, there's opportunity to make some 'negative' talents, that has great effect but with some cost.

    Melee Warrior - Using a melee skill, makes your Atk stat rise sharply (X% per level), while reducing MAtk.

    Casty Wizard - Casting a spell, makes your MAtk stat rise sharply (X% per level), while reducing Atk.

    Fatal Greed - You gain X% per level more money, but you lose X% of it when you die.

    Energy Shield - X% per level of damage you take inflicts on EP instead of HP.
  6. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    I present to you: Silly names with good suggestions.

    Knowledge = DAMAGE!: After casting a spell (the ones that use MATK) deal X% more damage with melee attacks for Y seconds.

    Damage = KNOWLEDGE!: After landing X successful hits on an enemy gain bonus MATK for Y seconds.

    You hit me? I hit you HARDER!: When below 25% HP gain X% MATK. (Can't be stacked with other talents that requires you to have less than 25% HP)

    My body is weak but my mind is strong: When below 25% HP gain X% ATK. (Can't be stacked with other talents that requires you to have less than 25% HP)

    Fight for your life: When below 25% HP gain X% ATK SPEED. (Can't be stacked with other talents that requires you to have less than 25% HP)

    Read fot your life: When below 25% HP gain X% CAST SPEED. (Can't be stacked with other talents that requires you to have less than 25% HP)

    Patience is gold: Increase your ATK by X% for every second you're not attacking. Capped at 5 stacks. (Thought this could be good for 2H builds because their attacks are quite slow and building ATK SPEED on them feels wierd and isn't very effective.)

    Urge to kill: Increases your ATK SPEED by X% when you've been out of combat for Y seconds.

    Urge to destroy: Increases your CAST SPEED by X% when you've been out of combat for Y seconds.
  7. Rokker

    Rokker Halloweed

    Intense Focus
    Increase concentration by X per talent level.

    This would be the first talent i've seen not to use %, either that or change the concentration-scale completely since 50% of 3 would still only translate into the value 1,5.
    In some scenarios i would be quite willing to take a massive amount of hits to be able charge a skill right there, like a gold level Flame Thrower or Frost Nova.

    Charging skills while in close combat is nearly impossible in some scenarios.
    Being able to specc your character for concentration would be the answer to this.
  8. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    Well, we were told to make suggestions that would scale good throughout the whole game so that's why the % is there. Having flat boosts would either be to good in early levels or really bad at later levels. That said I totally agree with your reasoning behind this talent suggestion. It wouldn't make sense to boost something with % value that is not being altered by anything or that increases over time with your level. Since this value is fixed it wouldn't be broken/suck or be really over powered. 5/5!
  9. read

    read Green Slime

    Spirit Shield: Absorb % per talent level of damage into your EP pool.

    Unrelenting Offense: For every enemy killed without a cease in attacks, your counter increases by 1. Receive a temporary
    (refreshed on kill) increase in ATK and/or MATK and ASPD and/or CSPD. Bonus grows with talent level OR time between kills without losing your counter grows with talent level.

    Mana Current: Decrease max EP by % per talent level, increase EP regeneration by % per talent level.

    Helping Hand/First Aid: Health Orbs add % per talent level of their healing to your summons (More useful if additional summons like the Frosty Friend are added)

    One-Two Punch: Enemies receive % extra damage per talent level if attacked immediately after being hit by your summon(s).

    Fleet of Foot: Movement speed when not charging or guarding is increased by % per talent level.

    Life Tap: Attempting to use a skill without sufficient EP will draw from your HP pool. Be wary of the the eldritch powers you call upon. (This talent can kill you)

    Careful Study: Each enemy drop known or card obtained gives the player increased EXP and Drop Rate against that enemy. (One Rank?)

    Bloodlust: All creatures (you, your summons and enemies) receive a moderate ATK increase and large DEF decrease.

    Blood Aura: While below 50% HP, receive an ATK bonus for every Health Orb on the ground.

    Stalwart Defender: Decrease movement speed by % and increase defense by %, increasing with talent level.

    Dazing Shot: Bow damage -50%, quiver size -50%, arrows stun enemies for a (?) duration. (The basic idea here is to make your arrows a limited tactical resource. The damage modifier/quiver size could be reworked and the stun duration could scale as a percentage of Max HP dealt, thereby nerfing it against bosses and the like. This could be expanded to multiple arrow effect talents in the same vein, these could either be mutually exclusive OR you could give them all varying -% damage modifiers and then with the aforementioned Damage/MaxHP scaling you'd have an effect where picking a single arrow effect means that effect is stronger whereas multiple effects are weaker individually.)

    Dependable Guard: Successive perfect guards increase the perfect guard window temporarily.

    Spiteful Guard: Perfect guard window is reduced, additional/increased (?) bonuses after perfect guard.

    Commitment: Bronze Charges are no longer castable, increased charge rate.

    Elemental Recoil: Enemies hit by an elemental attack temporarily gain increased resistance to that element and decreased resistance to all others. (Is this supported by the game? If not, could work around by making it susceptibility to elemental debuffs I guess?)
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  10. Own

    Own Moderator

    Energy Slash - Your next attack after perfect guarding, if in the guaranteed critical hit window, sends out a Link to the Past-esque wave that slices through all enemies in it's path for x% of ATK+MATK.

    Combo-Wombo - 1-handed weapons start off dealing 80% of base damage, then 90%, 100%, 110% and 120% for all combo attacks onwards if (1-2 seconds?) do not pass between strikes. Adding points in this skill raises the minimum (or minimum & maximum?) by %.

    Exhausting Strike - 2-handed weapons start off dealing 150% damage. Further strikes deal 50% damage, until a full second passes, at which point the first blow will again do 150%. Adding points in this skill raises the minimum (or minimum and maximum?) by %.
  11. Mabbit

    Mabbit Green Slime

    @Teddy I NEED you to implement a skill for me รถ
    it is of the OUTMOST importence!
    I'm thinking Support > Defensive
    Here it is:
    Clear Enviromental Debuffs (or something like that)
    -Basically a move that clears an area of ice, slime, whatever mobs spray on the ground :b A dispell-spell of sorts, u guys figure something out, i'm sure ;b

    A Slow-Down-Time-spell would be sweet as well :b
    Like, Make the screen all black n White or Blue n Yellow, whatever and then everything is in SlowMotion :D
    Projectiles, mob and player movement, Spell Charge, Mana Regen, Item-drop-animation, EVERYthing :D
  12. werodar

    werodar Green Slime

    Sry It was just what i gathered from the thread good stuff posted mustve missunderstood then.

    Here are some other ideas for Bow passives :

    -Adds a knockback effect to the arrow if you push an enemy into another enemy or wall they(and the enemys they were knocked into) receive extra dmg.

    -Holding down the Bow button for X seconds adds Area of effect dmg to the arrow (maybe a bombarrow like in legend of zelda?)

    -Arrows have a X% chance to stun enemys for x seconds.

    -Arrows circle outwards from where you shot them instead of flying in a straight line they pierce enemys but deal
    reduced dmg/Magic dmg (maybe through magic?)(also their speed is reduced)

    -Arrows no longer deal damage if you hit an enemy or ally with an arrow you switch places. (Can be used while charging up a skill) (Also decreases quiver size and adds a cooldown)
  13. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    Grappling Arrow: Arrows no longer deal damage but instead pulls you towards whatever you hit, walls, enemies or even allies! (Also decreases quiver size and adds a cooldown)

    One for all and two for me: After you cast a buff (supportive skill) gain double stats from that buff for few seconds. (Maybe you could scale the stat boost instead of having a static x2)

    Buff Master: Buffs (supportive skills) last skill level + X seconds longer. (Increasing the level of this talent increases the X value.)
  14. Own

    Own Moderator

    'Grapple arrows' seem less like a talent and more like an upgrade, like phase teleport...?

    Disrespect Your Surroundings - Any environmental damage (Jars, Crates, Barrels, Roots, Chickens, etc) provides a temporary buff to (stat / stats, insert relevant ones here). The more you destroy, the longer it lasts, up to (# time). Leveling this skill increases the stat boost and maximum time.
  15. Rokker

    Rokker Halloweed

    Invigorating Defence
    Restore X% EP upon performing a perfect guard.

    I tried a perfect guard build and this skill is missing from making it complete :)
  16. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    And when you don't want a grappling arrow? I think it is more a talent than an Upgrade. It's important that the player can choose if they want their arrows to behave so differently.
    I haven't read all suggestions so i may post doubles.
    Don't hate me if some if my suggestions were already named.

    New Suggestions

    Enemies with Benefits:
    Enemies deal more dmg and have more HP, but drop more loot. The propability for each loot won't be increased, just more loot.

    Bonus dmg against enemies with a certain amount of health. Like 10% more dmg against enemies with 90% or more health.

    Multitasking Summoner:
    For each summon the next summon will cost less Ep. Maybe half or so. When you have Frosty and the Cloud it would cost 75 for both max charged.

    When being hit you get a %+ on your next attack and this a small time window. So you get +20%dmg for the next two seconds.

    (more) Elemental Weapons: Either Different Skill for each element or a random effect per attack
    Give Weapons different status boni like poison, ice, wind, earth and so on
    poison deals dmg over time/ wind will knock back/ ice will freeze or slow

    Poison Cloud:
    Areal effect that really slowly damages all foes nearby. It could be 1-3-7-11-16 dmg per second for each stage

    No health drops but you get a small amount of hp for each attack.

    Invincibility Frames:
    After being hit you get a slightly bigger invincibility window

    No Aggro:
    When the hp drop below 20% the enemies ignore you for x-seconds
    This effect should be bundled with a cooldown so it can only occur every minute or so

    When affected by slowing or total stagnation you get defense+.

    Bow Upgrades from my previous Thread

    +1 Arrow shot per level
    Cost per shot is lower than number than shot arrows, but the dmg will be lowered so it is a little stronger and very useful but not OP. Also the arrows won't shoot in a straight line but more like a fan.

    Ghost/Homing Arrow:
    Arrows have a little tracking

    Master Skill:
    Small percentage of not using an arrow with each shot.
    2%-10% chance of saving the arrow
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  17. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    Variety combo: For every new attack you use on an enemy increase damage dealt by X%. (Eg. One arrow, then one hit with your wand and then 4 different element spells.)

    Tough as a boar, annoying as a bee: Increase your Attack Speed by X% for every 10 Def points you have. (Eg. Having 100 DEF gives 10% extra Attack Speed at talent level 1.)

    Weak as a slime, nimble as a rabby: Increases your Movement Speed by X% and lowers your DEF by Y%.
  18. Own

    Own Moderator

    Flirting With Danger - Dodging a projectile / attack within # pixels (not blocking) boosts (insert_relevant_stats_here) by %.

    Better Safe Than Sorry - Keeping the shield raised for # seconds boosts DEF by % for # seconds.

    Living Dangerously / Glass Cannon - When your shield is broken, gain +% to ATK and ATKSPD until your shield is repaired.
  19. Own

    Own Moderator

    Bloodletter - % chance to inflict 'Bleeding/Wounded' status effect on enemy on normal hit, making future attacks deal +% damage for # seconds. (Optionally, after using a weapon skill that damages the enemy.)

    Spellshocked - % chance to inflict 'Spellshocked' status effect enemy when doing magic damage with any non-summon, making future magic attacks deal +% damage for # seconds.

    Static Strike - % chance for attacks to shock a nearby enemy for % MATK, like Chain Lightning.

    Rocky Strike - % chance to for attacks to (knock back enemy? cancel enemy attack? knock enemy into air?) on strike.
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  20. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    After landing a critical strike your ATK and MATK is increased by x% for 4 seconds. (Could be split up into two different talents)

    Your first attack has double the chance to crit. (There could be a cooldown of maybe 30 seconds before you can trigger this effect again on the same target.)

    Your first attack has double the chance to apply debuffs. (There could be a cooldown of maybe 30 seconds before you can trigger this effect again on the same target.)

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