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  1. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Patch 0.580b
    Fixed some common issues with the content released in the patch below. Also attached a .wld file where the Toy Factory quest hasn't been triggered (for people interested in replaying it). Go to %APPDATA%/Secrets of Grindea/Worlds and name it 0, 1 or 2 depending on which character slot you want it to use.

    • The Toy Factory boss now forcefully triggers the cutscene with Luke on a much higher % of health (up to 80 % from 45 %)
    • The size of the cutscene trigger outside of Santa Fae has been increased to disallow players for going to the caves instead
    • The detonation time for the falling bombs while playing the train challenge on Hard has been increased
    • To compensate, the puzzle will last longer on Hard (making it easier to master but harder to 'tank through')
    • You can no longer avoid taking damage in the bomb challenge by pressing yourself to the bottom right
    Bug Fixes
    • There is now a door blocking the Toy Factory before you get the quest to enter it
    • Trying to read the details about Gifts and Presents will no longer crash the game
    • The Winterland enemies now have their correct animations on display in the Codex, as well as the correct background
    • You no longer take damage if a cutscene triggers, making you unable to escape bombs
    • The Insect Swarm can now damage the Enraged Toy Machine
    Patch 0.580a

    Note: Please do not use overpowered characters while testing! We're open to the possibility that encounters are too easy, but if we balance after veterans playing with epic gear and super strong pets, normal players won't be able to damage it, so leave your ├╝berpets behind and maybe unequip a piece of super gear :D

    Summary: This update should be pretty safe, but if you want to be extra cautious, you can back up your save files using Yuuki's Savefile Manager.

    Compared to the last update, this is a bit less story and a bit more gameplay! You can now enter Seasonne (aka the Winterland), and play through the new mini-dungeon: the Toy Factory. Note that while the graphics and mechanics are pretty much all in, the areas haven't yet received proper sound effect treatment! You'll have to pretend everything doesn't sound like slimes :D

    Anyway, please test away, find bugs and post feedback on the Winterland and (especially) the Toy Factory!

    • You can now Phase Shift into Seasonne (the Winterland) and battle the enemies there
    • Story progression has been extended to include a mini-dungeon (Toy Factory) in Seasonne
    • After completing the Elite quest in Pumpkin Woods, enemies will have a 5 % chance of spawning as Elites
    • Red Slimes in Arcade Mode can now drop Red Slime Hats
    • The following portraits have received a graphics update: Farmer Oak, Robin Hood, Clint Westwood, Chika, Miranda, the Receptionist, Bella, Biggs, Smith, Belmont, Master Ji, the guards, Astrid, Mr Fabulous, Red and Madeleine (whew!)
    • Player MaxHP increase per level has been reduced (from [2 + level * 3] to [3 + level * 2])
    • The Frosty Friend's should no longer be (that much) in your way after zoning
    • Luke's sprite has been updated to better fit the portrait
    • The Halloweed's root has been updated visually and mechanically (the player can now wiggle free)
    Bug Fixes
    • Naniva's pestering with chat bubbles have been nerfed a bit, stopping her from randomly talking during battle, as well as shortening her combat related yapping significantly
    • After typing /shutup, Naniva will now shut up even if you take damage!
    • HP is now healed back to full upon restarting a Memory Room Battle

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  2. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    Just finished the new stuff, there's lot of undone stuff (like caves), but it was pretty good to play anything. From new enemies, Yeti was especially challenging, slime hadn't much chance to attack me, like the Frostlings. The new Slime Hat is useless when having Phaseman Helmet. And the ice isn't slippy.
    There is a small confusion with the factory for the first time, the door is opened but can't be entered before taking quest. The inside was fun, especially the train room (poor Luke :) and in the room with the conveyor belt, broken presents are making mess so it's a bit difficult to see anything. I almost defeated the boss before the switches appeared, so I think it should have more HP or be invincible so the trains aren't useless.
    It was quite fun overall, waiting for more :)
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  3. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member


    What character did you play with? I've tested it with a Lv14 char with the laser sword and Blade Flurry build, and I could at most skip one train loop (unless I intentionally didn't clear the waves, which is what's normally supposed to trigger the cutscene)!

    Edit: That being said, perhaps the HP-trigger for the boss should be at a higher %, to avoid confusion as to what's the best way to beat it! Our original intention was actually to have it invincible, but we felt that being able to whack it while waiting for trains or wave spawns would be therapeutic (and allowing people to speedrun the boss by landing 10k of regular damage that was an added bonus)!
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  4. Mushmon

    Mushmon Green Slime

    New update? time to break it!
  5. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    Lv 16, first with Smashlight and Silver Heroic Slam then Laser sword and Silver Shadow Clone.
  6. Mushmon

    Mushmon Green Slime

    So I just finished the toy factory and my short review. 1. Enemies in the winter area seem to spawn in really fast, at one point i was swarmed by 20ish rouges, other than that the winter area was good for where its at. 2. The bomb dropping puzzle was easy, if you stand in the bottom left or right you only get hit once or twice. The boss was fun.....until the trains came in, it made it much too easy. Also thanks for reminding me it is Saturday XD I thought it was Friday for some reason. Other than that its seemed pretty good.
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  7. I finished this part too, love the swarm of enemies lol, they give you fast XP and fast item gathering :p

    actually this invincible idea isn't bad at all, I actually killed the boss seconds after the levers appeared in the screen, without using them. boss need to be a challenge to be killed :p You can make him invincible after half his health is damaged.

    I used my super strong character though :p (I made him have a mega feeded pet with super high improving stats)

    Later I will try with my normal character.

    One BUG note: I have one magic skill at level 10, after that I evolve that stat with gold gems, right? when I evolved to level18 I gain one gold gem, I noticed that the text its wrong here, the skill used my gold gem to evolve to level11 (OK this is right), but the text still says I need a silver gem to evolve to next level (10 to 11, and next ones). I know this gold stats aren't done yet, for now just the text need to be fixed :)

    Sugestion: make Frostling Hood just a Hat, for me, it makes no sense that this item can cover your face and block your facegear slot. This item seems different from the Pumpkin Mask and Phaseman's Face item.
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  8. OK did it again with my level15 normal character, the challenge is good enough with boss and other enemies. I think its well balanced.

    someone was able to pick up the 2 Frostlings, Gift and Present cards??
  9. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    If this boss is easy you haven't tried hard difficulty with a level 14 character that's only using the iron sword, wooden shield and whatever dropped from Phaseman. HOLY MOLY! Plz nerf green presents (or increase the range of the bombs they drop when they die). Using Shadow Clone in this mini dungeon is a challange on it's own.
  10. Rokker

    Rokker Halloweed

    Think i've tried most of the new content on normal now and it's even better than i had hoped for so far :).

    Here are my thoughts on the patch:
    • I feel that there should be some kind of message when trying to enter caves that aren't open yet, something like the messages from the bag when trying to leave Evergrind Fields to the East.
      I know it's just temporary, but it was still something that broke the illusion of playing a completed game.
      I'd prefer to recieve a message telling me that this area is off limits, rather than feeling that this spot is bugged.
    • The respawn rates in Seassone are insane! Not necessarily a bad thing, just way more than I had expected upon entering the area. There seems to be a ~60 second-ish timer for "high spawn rate mode" in most areas, but in Seassone it starts much earlier. Shouldn't this be a standardized time in the game?
    • The Toy Factory was awesome!
      The story with Luke is really spot on and a big kudos to Vilya on the portraits used here. They really enhance the bad-at-puzzles dialogue.
    • Not quite sure about what i feel about the mechanics of the Toy Making Machine.
      I think that the Trains come in too late in the battle. Either bring them in earlier so that the player understands what this fight is all about, or make the fight staged with some kind of inpenetrable barrier at 50% hp that only the trains can pass through. There should also be way less time to flip the switches.

      The boss cannot be attacked by Insect Swarm which i feel should be considered a bug (will post this in bugs section).

    • I also reflected upon the fact that Presents & Gifts drop Yeti loot, but this has already been mentioned by others.

    Gonna try the new area on Hard later.
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  11. Naythan

    Naythan Green Slime

    Since the update I am constantly getting 'Sorry the game deaded!' messages every time I try and launch the game. :'(
  12. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

    constantly everytime? So always or very very often?
    If always, try to delete the both configs located here
    C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\Roaming\Secrets of Grindea
    You can access this by pressing the Windows and R keys simultaneously and then entering %appdata% and pressing 'Ok'

    If that didn't help, make a copy of your saves (Those are the folders "Characters" and Worlds") and then reinstalling the game.
  13. Naythan

    Naythan Green Slime

    I've also done that, I've un-installed and re-installed and it is still beings stubborn. :( I deleted the Config files, re-installed the game and still no luck.

    Now the config files are deleted, they never come back when I re-install. Any ideas?
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  14. MrChocodemon

    MrChocodemon Handsome Moderator

  15. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Can you send a bug report from this with some message letting me know it's you? Like... "Luke is a clever young man"
  16. Nekowo

    Nekowo Green Slime

    Not sure if I bugged it, but where is the quest to enter the Toy factory? I have the factory's door open but can't enter and can't find the quest.

    On a side note, loving the enemies in this area so far! They can spam awfully fast sometimes though
  17. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    It's a bit confusing, for sure! We're going to put a door there when you can't enter. You're supposed to go there after trying to get into Santa Fae (to the far west in the bottom left winter map)
  18. Naythan

    Naythan Green Slime

    I sent the report, saying that it was Naythan from the forum. So eager to try the new updates out too!
  19. Nekowo

    Nekowo Green Slime

    Thanks! For some reason the cutescene wouldn't trigger the first time I was exploring around there, all fine now after loading again.
  20. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Hmm, weird, it's giving an XNA-error! Here it is: "Failed to load XnaNative.dll. Please verify that you have the XNA Framework installed"

    Perhaps the framework has been corrupt somehow. Try to download it again from here and repair the installation!

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