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Summary: Say goodbye to your gold and hello to Quantum Lumber and the housing layout tools!

Recommended level: everyone who's gotten past the first dungeon

Update Description


As promised, here are the housing layout tools! Considering the relative complexity of this update, I'm expecting about one bazillion bugs, so brace yourselves!

Anyways, you can now purchase Quantum Lumber from Carpenter and use it to expand your house (by adding rooms and/or resizing your current one). You can also drag down or push up walls to make the shapes of rooms a bit more interesting.

These tools aren't 100 % polished, mostly because we don't know what people will get instantly and where we'll need to add visual feedback to make things easier to understand. We want the tools to be clear in what they do, so if you have any feedback on that front, feel free to share!

All in all, we hope this addition will enable you to create a more personal house for your characters! We probably won't add more house shaping tools now, at least not for the foreseeable future, but of course we'll keep adding lots of new housing items as the game progresses, so feel free to keep suggesting those!

When the bugs have been ironed out and some polish applied to the interface, we'll send the housing update to Stable and we can finally get on with getting those support spells into the game once and for all!


  • Housing: You can now purchase Lumber and use it to expand your house!
  • Housing: You can now pull down and push up walls to change the basic shape of rooms
  • The Housing Settings menu is no longer designed by me (hi, I'm the programmer)
  • Weapons that glow will now have a light effect when placed on a weapon stand
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug causing the Collector's Exam-quest to stop updating if skipping the Giga Slime cutscene
  • Fixed an out-of-bounds bug in the room to the left of the lobby in Temple of Seasons
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash when dragging out carpets in long rooms

The G-Meister

Giga Slime
And a friendly reminder that all the gold you could ever need for testing is in the attached save file. Just sell a couple hundred, thousand or million Spinsect armour - depending on how long you can be bothered to hold up for on the sell screen ;)

Less than two weeks of exams to go now - looking forward to testing out the housing fully when I'm back :D


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Is it intended for the Season Sphere to change the floor in additional rooms, no matter which floor it is?

Also, it would be nice having a female local player version for Shop_Carpenter_LumberCostLv6.

Otherwise, pretty intuitive design. Only the cursor not appearing top when reaching bottom (and vice versa; and left/right) is still slightly annoying.


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If my lighting is between 40/50%, I can see a really dark (black) box around the house, as the background is a shade of grey, the box around the house is BLACK and they really clash. Love the update and the ability to customise our houses further, I know guys have said you will not add any more features for a while, but would you consider adding different paint styles for the outside of your house?

Also, can we have LUMBER as a reward for certain quests too!


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I think quest rewards should be more unique. Unless LUMBER would be reward for some boring and short and unimportant quest.

I wasn't talking main-story quests, I was on about quests that the lumber could offer you for huge chunks of lumber.


Ah, you mean quests from carpenter. The problem is, the lumber is increasingly expensive as you get more of it. If lumber from quests would count like the bought one, players would wait until they get more lumber, so it's more expensive, so it's more profitable to do the quests. That should get balanced somehow (maybe by adding housing tiers, like when you buy X lumber, you need to do a quest to buy more, but the quest reward is also lumber).

btw, lumber price caps at 200 each.


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If my lighting is between 40/50%, I can see a really dark (black) box around the house, as the background is a shade of grey, the box around the house is BLACK and they really clash.

Is this the same issue KoBeWi has a video of in this thread?

If so, feel free to follow the instructions in my reply to enter a little micro beta to bug test this!
Decided instead of posting everything on the discord I'd actually put it here where its more likely to be seen (and a lot prettier!)

Stuff I love
The entire room system is amazing!
The tiny details that are added to everything!
Everything is so god damn pretty! SO PRETTY.
The sheer amount of freedom to do anything!

Stuff I'd like to see added/ Improved
In some ways I kinda wish you could toggle between moving things via half-"blocks" and full "blocks" (same we we can we can decorations on tables) , it'll make Symmetry a lot easier.

To continue, why can't we rotate weapon displays? I love how we can rotate bookshelves but we still need more stuff to be rotatable! A big examples are: Tai-Ming flower box, Fireplace, seasonne large bushes.

Another thing is an easier way to toggle room to room while being in edit mode because running about is a tad annoying but bearable

DOORS! let us add our own doors to other rooms that directly connect!

Stuff I dislike
Nope. Nothing ( yet ;) )

Stuff I've already talked about and resolved
Poor horizontal walls, you will be missed (for those wondering, the system used makes horizontal walls extremely hard to do, and not because putting a Fortress window on a horizontal wall makes a space-paradox)


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Thanks for the feedback, @Smallsplat! While I got you on the hook, I have a question about that lighting glitch you experienced. Did it go away if you went into the light settings and changed something?


Yes, I think it becomes available after Flying Fortress. Talk to Carpenter near the center of Evergrind.


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Yes, I think it becomes available after Flying Fortress. Talk to Carpenter near the center of Evergrind.
Thanks, a friend just told me I had to opt into frontline on steam, which I didn't know I had to do in order to access the housing system.