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Summary: Some of Story Mode's dead ends in the world have been filled!

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Update Description


Note: This is one of those real Frontline updates, where sounds are missing, some graphics are placeholder etc! The gameplay should hold up well, though!

About the patch

So you know how there is a bunch of stuff in the game that teases content but you can't really get there? Well, this is the first of two (perhaps three) updates where we aim to iron out those things! This update in particular is mainly focused on the little sprouts you've seen around the world and wondered how the heck you make them grow. The answer is here, and it's Super Fertilizer!

Oh, and you can now enter Marino's Mansion and hang out with his wholesome dad...

This update basically makes the game a little "fatter", adding 14 new NPCs, 5 quests, and some new areas with secrets within!

We initially wanted to release a smaller patch faster, but the sprouts was so heavily connected with other content needing to be made that it really wasn't possible to chop it up much!

Next Up: We'll continue on this track for a bit since we want Story Mode in its proper place before doing the final push towards the end of the game! There are still some loose ends in the world. When we get sounds for the new stuff in-game, we'll probably push all this to Stable as well (it depends a little on the timing)!



  • There's now a quest to bring (back) butterflies to Evergrind City!
  • Marino's Mansion is now accessible, with a couple of quests inside
  • Red Slimes can now be found in Story Mode, and have been given a card
  • Added a new Two Handed Weapon obtainable after Flying Fortress: Red Slime Hammer
  • Two more wobbly sprouts have been added, and all four can now be grown using Super Fertilizer, unlocking new locations
  • Some minor quests/secrets have been added to give the player said fertilizer
  • The Alchemist storyline can now be concluded with a final quest
  • Changed the stats of Green Slime Hammer, and changed the Smashlight into a Hybrid (ATK+MATK) weapon
Bug Fixes
  • In Arcade Mode, furniture in Carpenter's store now unlocks properly with the new floor numbers
  • In Arcade Mode, Arena boss fights now unlock properly with the new floor numbers
  • When failing to catch a circle with the Increase Damage Every Circle-pin, the indicator now disappears properly
  • Advanced translation features should now work together with trophy names and descriptions
  • When entering someone else's Player Home in multiplayer, the prompt should no longer appear twice
  • Helping BranDi's ghost as a client no longer makes it impossible to help him on your own save file
  • Smashie and Bashie no longer bug out the Pin-fae's fireballs
  • The Museum is Closed-quest can no longer be started until the Crystal Clear quest has been completed
  • Quitting the game in the middle of the moving tree-cutscene no longer bugs the Season Temple quest
  • The spinsects in the Mt Bloom Spinsect challenge once again collide with the small rocks properly
  • Marion will no longer have a permanent quest update icon if you skip finding the Translation Tome
  • Killing Captain Bones while his head is channeling a spell now stops the channel sound properly


You know what this reads like? "We wanted to make 2 green sprouts grow, so we added 14 NPCs".

You madlads :D Can't wait to side-quest!


Side-questing complete! Cool content with a lot of fun, unique stuff. That update actually got even more laughs from me, than usual. I wonder how that content now feels in the context of a new character but it's probably only worth trying after the other two announced updates.

Also, some of the items/quests are really friggin' expensive! I played with my oldest character, with the most playtime, all cards farmed et cetera and I had to sell a ton of stuff (mostly, Ghost Ship mats) in order to afford some parts of the content. I had around 83k gold and the content required around 150k. It's fine towards the end but I wonder how much gold a casual, non-100% character has at its disposal at the time the side-content becomes available.

Here are some notes:

- 50k for the Desert Rose seems a bit excessive (depends on which point of a playthrough the quest becomes available)
- had a hearty, loud laugh upon entering Marino's room - receiving his Rapier from him, back in the Desert felt like an honorable, unique reward and this little jackass has 5 more of 'em hanging on his wall. Figures :D
- a hint might be necessary in order to clarify that Fertilizer is a one-time-use item. One is used to key items being "unlockables", that allow you to access certain areas once you've unlocked them (phasing, season orbs etc.) but it's a bit different with Fertilizer, so it's kinda surprising at first when reaching the second plant. Maybe something like "You don't know what to do here" when inspecting a shoot before ever having gotten a Fertilizer and "You're out of fertilizer. How about getting some more?" when inspecting a shoot after having received one Fertilizer, but not having any.
- Toaster's dialogue ret-riggers when inspecting the empty chest after already having received him
- another booming laugh after inspecting some of the posters in Evergrind City. Nokya3310, really? That was hilarious!
- I'm sure brits will appreciate the name of one of Fawke's fans, named Fanny (@The G-Meister )
- entering Luigi's garden after having collected a couple of butterflies looked very nice, aesthetically. Just thought I'd mention that.
- Receiving Leafcifer creates no item. Not sure if that's intended?
- the Bug Net is surely... bugged, since I couldn't catch a single Fae with it
- hitting enemies with Fans spawned by the Cube item cannot trigger its effects. Not sure if this is intended, as they do trigger other things like the Static Touch cubes. But it makes me wonder if killing enemies with Fans enables usual effects like that of the Loot Potion and similar stuff
- Rose, Salad and Aecorn stay in inventory after completing the quest. Though maybe my character is somehow bugged, since I also noticed that I still have ancient quest items in inventory such as the Caveling Flute, Ancient Amulet, Gunpowder and similar.
- maybe some dialogue should be added to Leaf after you buy all the trees from its dad, Bark.

That's all the feedback for now! I did notice some grammar stuff (like tings instead of things in some quest) but I'll address them individually while translating.

Thanks again for your hard and amazing work to make the game as full of joy as you can!

Edit: Oh, yeah, I forgot to add this gem: miss_bzzzzz.PNG
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Green Slime
How do I enter Marino's Masion? There is no quest opened to me. I finished the game and almost anything in the map, but not a single sprout was fertilized because I don't know the places where they can be found. Following te wiki, it says the first one is inside the mansion, but it's closed, and I have no quests to enter there.