1. M

    [Gameplay] Completed mount bloom but getting 12/13

    I've completed mount bloom 100% today but on the game screen ive only achieved 12/13 secrets. I have triple checked every chest to make sure they were opened. Below i've added a list of the 13 secrets mount bloom has to offer all of which i've done. Chest - Red Emitter Matrix Chest -...
  2. galactictuna

    Game deadly crash during main quest

    Heyo everyone. A few days ago I decided to start a new game and have been doing a great playthrough, honestly. However, I'm facing a big problem with the game crashing. During the first boss fight in the Seasons Temple, against Summer and Autumn, the game simply crash whenever I hit them. Help!!
  3. Elcoope


    Refunding the berserker skill while having it active, will keep the efect running until you purchase it back and deactivate it
  4. M

    [visual]Camera gets stuck when it pans upwards

    When the character approaches either the forgotten tower or the ruined goddess statue past the sprout on pillar mountain,. the camera pans upwards. However, the camera will not pan back down, and it gets stuck in a position where the player is not centered on the screen and the majority of the...
  5. S

    Acade mode "Hard Mode" Curse

    Hello Secrets of grindea community, its my first thread so dont be to tough on me. I just found a recent bug i wanna make puplic. In Arcade mode was a curse that made all enemies harder. Now with the new Patch this curse doesnt exist anymore. If you had the curse equiped before the...
  6. sscoolqaz

    Speed is key

    Now I have been messing around in Cheat Engine, cause this is a great game to learn from :p, and have found out that given enough speed you can faze through most walls (this includes arcade mode too!). Now I say most because you cannot faze through the Giga Slime arena. I know this isn't the...
  7. L

    [Gameplay] Bug in the mission last favor

    Hello, I was playing the "last favor" mission whose goal was to get a book, but by picking up the item the mission was not updated and even if I go to the NPC responsible for the mission it simply has the last dialogue available before Mission to be fulfilled. I wonder if anything I can do that...
  8. D

    [Gameplay] Can't place teleport plate at flying fortress

    Hi all, The quest "The Ancient Temple" is glitched for me even though I have beaten all of the game that is available and this quest is part of the 'Main Quest' Type which means I am robbed of a Talent Orb sadly because it has not completed. The first two steps of the quest are complete detailed...
  9. Roblox Jesus

    Game crashes in "Tai Ming"

    While I was grinding monsters in Tai Ming my game suddenly crashed when I opened the crafting tab, and I was met with the message "The game deaded". I had lost all of the stuff I had been grinding that area including 2 cards and a lot of items. Is there any way I could avoid this in the future?
  10. C

    I broke a quest

    Note: Very Blurry, but the purpose of that is to show that Bag said we need to go to the past. In the Video I explored all of Tai Ming and found no rifts anywhere on the map. How: I believe this happened is because I piercing dashed and entered the corridor before I was supposed to (I was...
  11. Dragonsdale

    Future Tai Ming Collectors HQ Bugs!

    [GAMEPLAY] FRONTLINE Sorry didn't put this in the title!!! So I've found two odd things in the walled arena below the collectors HQ in future Tai Ming. 1) A Thornworm left Tai Ming to go on an adventure to distant lands. A monkey threw a thornworm, and it landed next to the right-hand wall...
  12. Dylan Andrews

    Found a bug

    When i'm in the crafting menu, the description is "Is it a bird? is it a boat? you dont know, you haven't discovered it" for everything.
  13. R

    Unable to start the game

    I just had a friend buy the game so we can play together, i hadn't played in a few weeks but now it refuses to start. When i launch the game it just immediately says "The game is deaded". I've tried the following Running as admin, Reinstalling the game, Going into the appdata and deleting...