1. A

    Update on the progress on Mac Version?

    Hi guys! I played this game long time ago, and wasnt even done yet. I was thinking about this game and looked it up on Steam and saw it doesnt have Mac support. I saw a thread that Teddy was going to give it a shot on 2017, but havent seen any updates on that thread, just wanted to know if this...
  2. Cangwen

    Non Binary Player Character Option

    I would really like to see a non binary gender option for character creation. I know it probably wouldn't make a lot of difference with the graphics. It just would be nice to have if just for storytelling purposes.
  3. Plippity

    Ghost Ship Update Feedback

    AAAA I just wrote a thread but it made me sign in and deleted everything! I'm kind of bummed out so I'll just summarize everything. This is my thoughts on the new Ghost Ship update coming from a multiplayer, hard mode perspective. This is spoiler heavy and please leave other thoughts you may...
  4. L

    My Thoughts on the Game (First Impressions)

    I browsed the list of all the games on Steam, listed from best to worse based on ratings. I had the co-op and RPG tags enabled and it was to my surprise that I found what I was looking for at the top: This game. The fact the game has over 90%-95% positive feedback, has SNES-styled graphics and...
  5. M

    General Feedback - Long Review

    Hello, fellow grinders. I'm back to playing Grindea after almost a 1,5 year hiatus. I was quite confused by all the new updates and mechanics, to say the least, but since I've already beaten the game again (and farmed everything), I bring this post to analyze some things in detail and others not...
  6. Tree

    Some general suggestions having played the game recently.

    Recently a friend and I played through, all the way to Tai Ming. I've been mulling it over for a while now and I think there were a few areas that could be improved or a bit of looking at. Crafting: My impression of crafting was that it was genuinely really fun, and one of the big things...
  7. L

    Personal Feedback!

    Hey Guys! I just finished the Tai Ming Questline and met with Dad who told me that there is nothing else to do, so i wanted to share my appreciation here instead! I think i bought Secrets of Grindea back in 2015 after i spend about 16 hours in the previous version. I started playing with a...
  8. F

    [Suggestion] Titan's Throw Changes

    I personally find the Titan's Throw (while very fun to play with), rather useless is terms of practicality. It does increased damage the farther away a target is, it requires a triple charge to be even the slightest bit useful (even then, any usage of it would be more beneficial if you just ran...
  9. TyBraniff

    Rebalance Combat

    Hey Grindeans, [SPOILERS BELOW] as of 0.700a This is kinda a suggestion/opinion that me (and my friends I play with) have when it comes to combat. So first ill just come out and say I've played 33 hours now and have the game 100% as of patch 0.700a. Ill give you the backstory, Me and my pal's...
  10. F

    Very Early Game Gold Farming (Nearly 2000 Per Minute)

    Early on when I started playing, I noticed in the Flying Fortress a room that has a rather interesting layout of jars. And an even more interesting mechanic should you run in and out of the door each time. On the left side, if you...
  11. F

    Endgame Players Suggestion

    Heya, so I started playing this game a bit ago and I have to say, with the whole fact I really dislike any RPG that doesn't require intense reactions and hardcore gameplay, I absolutely love this game. Despite the fact only 3 temples are currently out (with the third lacking the ending thus...
  12. D

    Feedback: Reactions After Playthrough

    I got Secrets of Grindea about 2 weeks ago and essentially played through in a week. That's not usual for me - in fact I downloaded it and wanted to "try it for a bit" then found two hours had passed. That's a sign of how good the game is. I figured it might help to compile my reactions in...
  13. eXoChuck

    Some Ideas.

    Hey guys, im a german Fan of this game so my english is not the best so . i heard about this game because a friend shows me. and so i figured it out! first it was very short but than we tried the arcade mode and its very funny and you allways try it again because you want to get more points...
  14. R

    Feedback for optional quests

    Hey SOG team! I just wanted to start by saying that your game is absolutely amazing, idea amazing, and execution seems on point so far! (except your forum's sign-up needs fixing; move off xenforo, it feels amateur) So I wanted to start feedback with the idea of treasure maps - they are really...