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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by Teddy, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    So, we just announced the new Talent system (which made a sneak peek appearance at Vilya's blog last week)! Our goal is to have as many Talents as possible, which means it's a superb chance for the community to share what they'd like to see in the game!

    Of course, the Talents should follow some basic guidelines:
    1. Every talent should be written as a percentage, or otherwise automatically scale. Basically it should be good both for a level 10 character and a level 100 character. For example, 2 % more ATK is still good regardless if you have 100 ATK or 200 ATK.

    2. Talents should primarily be focused on one aspect. This means no talents that simultaneously improve max EP, EP regeneration and makes fire spells cost less. These should probably three separate suggestions! (note how I write this and yet we have a talent which raises both ATK and MATK - Teddy is such a hypocrite!)

    3. All Talents should be balanced to be roughly as good (if used wisely). You can choose to write specific numbers if you want, or just write something like "when a player is under X % HP, attack speed increases with X %".
    For some inspiration on the kind of Talents we're going for, here's a bunch of examples as seen on Vilya's blog:

    General Talents

    Melee Talents

    Magic Talents

    So, if you've got some suggestions, just throw them at us (and don't hesitate to discuss each other's suggestions as well)!
  2. Rajunah

    Rajunah Green Slime

    YES!!!! I really wanted that, now we can have passive building and active skill building....will be awesome with the more variety it gets....Now i can only hope to see daggers in the game..XD... I love daggers....
  3. Triceratopx

    Triceratopx Green Slime

    I agree with my friend Rajunah over here^, I was hoping on doing a build using Atk speed with Two Handed weapons and now this will definitely help. Have you guys thought about doing shapeshifting and a talent/active that helps this?
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  4. Rokker

    Rokker Halloweed

    A few ideas come to mind.
    Some of these are most likely completely wrong for this game when analyzed in-depth. But i also feel that they might be entertaining to try, mainly to create extra diversity among players when playing with friends.
    Volatility (Spontaneous AoE-damage)
    Upon taking damage there is a X % chance per level to cast a whatever-nova. (Something like Frost Nova but without the slow)

    Thorns (Classic.. Similar to Volatility, but constant and very very weak)
    Reflects X % of ATK per level as damage to attacker upon taking damage.

    Taunt (For tank-builds in Multiplayer and sparing that poor squishy little Frosty Friend when soloing)
    Gain X % extra chance per level to be targeted by monsters over allies.

    Rejuvenator (This, accompanied with the next two skills would be the only possible ways to implement "healers" in a party i guess)
    Health Orbs grant X % per level of regained health to all nearby allies.

    Orb Scout
    Increase Health Orb drop rate by X % per level.

    Increase Health regained from Health Orbs by X % per level.
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  5. ark626

    ark626 Moderator


    Have a chance of X% per hit per level of freezing the surrounding enemies.

    Ep Absorbation:

    If your Ep are below 25% and you kill an enemie
    Have a chance of X% per level on regaining 100% of your ep.

    Explosive decharging:

    If Health is below 25% and you get hit have a Chance of
    X% per level on discharge all EP left, but cause automatically a wave which pushes enemies far away from you and damage them.

    Cat Luck:

    Upon death have a X% chance per level to get reviewed with some HP. (Tricking death like a pro.)
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  6. Card Trick If you have the card for an enemy, and attack them, you do X% More damage to them per level.

    Item Stash If you have all the possible item drops from an enemy, and attack them, you do X% More Damage to them per level.

    (Both stack together)

    Hack, Slash, Loot When using any melee attack or skill to kill an enemy, you have a +X% chance for the enemy to Drop Items more commonly.

    Telekenetic Loot When killing an enemy using a magic attack, you have a +X% chance for the enemy to Drop Items more commonly.

    Card Collection Hunter When killing an enemy, you have a 0.X% more chance for the enemy to drop a card. (Max +1%)

    Pickpocket If you kill the enemy with a physical attack, the enemy drops +X% more money.
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  7. Own

    Own Moderator

    Knowledge Is Power - Gain % damage against specific enemies dependant on how well you 'understand' them. +% for every item that specific enemy has discovered in the bestiary, +% for owning it's card. Card and Item don't seem too different to warrant two different skills to me, especially since if you already have an enemy's card it's unlikely you have a reason to fight much more of them regardless.

    Friends With Benefits - Take % less damage per additional player connected in the current game session.

    Manaburn - When under % of current max EP, gain % damage with spells.

    Mana Harvester - Melee attacks with wands or staffs replenish % of EP on strike.

    Summoner - Summons last % longer, have % more HP, can target enemies % farther away. I list this as a three-in-one because individually they would be far, far too specific to single skills. Only the plants exist on a time limit, only the snowman has HP, only really the cloud has a confining reach.

    Conjurer - Summons deal % more damage the closer to the player they are.

    Soulbound - % chance for summon to reappear for free as if recast when it's time runs out, summons revive automatically after # seconds of death. Likewise above, paired together because they would be far too specific seperately since it only affects Plant and Snowman. I guess they could be split up all the same.

    Party Crasher - When surrounded by 3 or more enemies, gain a bonus to attack.

    Archmagus - You gain an understanding that all the elements are meant to work in harmony, none to be focused on exclusively. If your (non-summon) current spell is a different element than the one you previously cast, it costs % less EP and deals % more damage.

    Mixed Melee Arts - You gain an understanding that there is no one best way to beat a rabby into the ground. If your current melee skill is different from your last melee skill, it costs % less EP and deals % more damage.

    Friendly Neighborhood Grindyman - +% (or +#?) to HP for every sidequest completed.

    Archer - Arrows pierce through up to # enemies.

    Sniper - Arrows fire % farther away, additionally dealing bonus damage the farther the target is from the player.

    Marksman - Arrows have a % chance to Bleed a target, dealing additional damage over time based on the triggering arrow's damage.

    Imbued Arrows - The first arrow you fire after casting a spell is imbued with that spell's element. Fire applies burning DoT, ice slows, air stuns for a fraction of a second, earth adds a heavy knockback.

    Insult To Injury - Gain +% melee damage against enemies that are currently under any sort of debuff.

    Hasty Retreat - Gain +% movement speed for # seconds after taking damage.

    The Meek Shall Inherit - Gain +% damage against an enemy for every level higher than you they are. Ideal for speedrunner / low level runs?

    Winning Streak - For every equipment slot you have empty, gain +# to all(?) stats.

    Health To Wealth - When under 10% HP, gain +% gold from monsters.

    Crafty Salesman - For every unique item you've crafted, you receive % discount in shops, gain +% sale value to items that cannot be bought in shops.

    Over-Achiever - For every achievement you've unlocked, gain +% EXP from combat(?).
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  8. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    Sturdy - Guaranteed to survive the blow with X% or more HP. Each level decreases this value.

    Not Today - When health below X%, X% more chance per level to avoid damage.

    Ranger - Bow damage increases by X% per level.

    Looting Rage - Over-killing enemy increases drop chance by X%. The actual chance depends on the amount of over-kill.

    Charismatic - You get X% discount in shops.

    Merchandise - You can sell items for X% more money.

    Scholarship - Each level increases exp gain by X%.

    Still Learning - Increases by 1 per level maximal level difference to gain exp.

    Immortality - Slowly regenerate health when below X%.

    Animal Trainer - Each level decreases pet leveling cost by X%.
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  9. werodar

    werodar Green Slime

    Im realy wondering why you dont include ranged skills this seems like a passed oportunity to me there could be something like:
    -Regenerating an arrow each X seconds+ Atk dmg boost depending on how much arrows you have the lesser arrows the more boost (combined to decrease abuse potential. A Marksman waiting for his arrows refilling will apretiate this but a melee fighter just wanting the % wont be able to just empty his quiver for the effect.)
    -Shooting a cone of arrows.
    -triple/quadruple/your whole quiver shot.
    -Burning/freezing/Lightnin(chain)/Earth(stun?)/Bleeding shot.
    -shooting an arrow has X% chance to not consume an arrow/land on the ground being able to be picked up.
    -Grapling arrow? Enemy to you/you to enemy.
    -Canceling a Magic cast by shooting an arrow gives the arrow the effect of the spell?
    and so on.
    -taging an enemy with an arrow increases % of dmg he gets from all sources.

    Why keep the Bow in the shadow as the item you dont use because you want to save the arrows but then end up not using at all it could be so much more.
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  10. Rokker

    Rokker Halloweed

    Most of the talents you suggest are actually pretty good!
    I totally agree that the bow is completely overlooked.
  11. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

    The Good Stuff: Increase the amount of money dropped by X% based on how much money you're missing to have X amount of money? Eg. Increase the amount of money dropped by 3% based on how much money you're missing to have 5k coins.

    Healthy: Increase the chance of enemies dropping a health orb by X% based on how much health you're missing? (I know that there is a mechanic in the game that does this already but why not have a talent to increase that?)
  12. Rajunah

    Rajunah Green Slime

    i don't agree completely, i really dont wanna see a BOW based game or a game that the bow has all the advantages as in other games that i wont quote. I think that more things with bow could be interesting, but leaving the bow as a secondary weapon, if the devs decided to make it a primary weapon, then it will really need to work on the balance thing. For reading your suggestion i can clear see a OP BOW build...almost invincible, and thats not fun.
  13. GoodStuff

    GoodStuff Friendly Moderator :)

  14. Cheynas

    Cheynas Rabby

    Thought of two similar talents that are the same but in different trees.

    Magic talent
    Snap Cast: Magic cast directly after a Perfect Guard gets +#% increased damage per level.​
    Melee talent
    Riposte: Melee attacks used directly after Perfect Guard gets +#% increased damage per level.​

    Melee attacks include the melee 'spells' to me.
    Of course, it could be generalized into one talent

    General talent
    Quick Reflexes: Get +#% increased damage on attacks made after Perfect Guard.​

    But I'd like them to be separated.
  15. Own

    Own Moderator

    Fairfeather Friends - % chance each level to summon a 1 HP chicken with a bullseye painted on it after each enemy kill (/ on taking damage?), maximum 5 + # of ranks in this skill. Chickens do nothing but run around and draw enemy aggro, similar to Frosty Friend. If a new chicken is summoned once the limit is reached, the oldest one pops.

    Orbiting Guard - Upon Perfect Guarding, a copy of the projectile reflected circles around the character, damaging any enemy it touches. Improving the skill allows it to hit +# more enemies before vanishing. Potentially vanishes after time, too.

    Sword'n'Shieldbearer - Perfect Guarding deals % of your melee attack back against non-ranged attackers.
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  16. Teddy

    Teddy Developer Staff Member

    Thanks for all the suggestions so far! Lots of good ones we'll definitely look into adding. Keep 'em coming!
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  17. werodar

    werodar Green Slime

    Since aparantly adding bow skills is out of question here are some other ideas:

    -Everytime you hit an enemy and dont land a crit your crit chance gets raised by X% stacking up to X times.
    -Dont know how hard it is to do this but maybe:
    Everytime you receive dmg everyone else gets healed by X% of Dmg received./
    X% Dmg your teammates receive gets redirected to you if you are higher then X% life.

    Id realy love to see the tank maybe healer role being fleshed out a bit might be hard to balance though and would need some active abilitys to go with it.
  18. KoBeWi

    KoBeWi Jumpkin

    Some more ideas:

    Power Saving - Energy regenerates faster the more you have, up to X% per level.

    Counter-attack - After taking hit, your Atk and Atk Speed increases shortly by X% per level.

    Fishing Skill - Length of the bar while fishing increases by X% per level.

    Fishing Dexterity - Speed of fish while fishing decreases by X% per level.

    Undead Power - Upon death, gain a X% per level max HP bonus for next X minutes.

    Assassin - X% per level more chance to kill instantly regular enemy.

    Magic Thorns - Returns X% per level damage to enemy whose projectile shoot you.

    Stubborn - Using skill few times in a row decreases it's energy cost and increases it's damage by X% per level.

    Shy - Enemies are X% per level less likely to notice you.

    Pet Care - Increases the level cap for pets by X per level.

    Craftmaster - Each level decreases required ingredients for crafting by X%.

    Thief - X% per level more chance to steal some coins when hitting enemy.

    So Hot! - X% per level more chance to apply burn to enemy who hit you.

    Meditation - Not attacking (or standing still?) for X seconds (less per level) makes next attack/skill guaranteed critical.

    Duel - Attacking one enemy without touching others increases damage dealt up to X% per level.

    One More - Revive instantly after death up to X times (more per level), but with 1 HP.

    Energy Storing - Store X% per level of damage dealt to you as energy. (getting hit restores EP)

    Judgement - First X attacks (more per level) after death are guaranteed to instantly kill regular enemy.

    Sorcerer's Revenge - When enemy disturbs your spell cast, your magic damage to this enemy is multiplied X times (more per level).

    Sorcerer's Ire - When enemy disturbs your spell cast, your next X per level magic attacks don't use any EP. (maybe if it's the same spell?)

    Shield Bracing - Increases shield recovery speed by X% per level.

    Iron Defense - Raises defense after breaking shield for a short time by X% per level.

    Electrostatic - Turn quickly around continuously to temportaily increase Max EP up to X% per level. Effect disappears after X seconds.

    Walking Tank - Keep walking to build-up more Defense, up to X% per level. Effect disappears after X seconds of not walking.

    Like a Statue - Decreases knockback from enemies by X% per level.

    Magic Weapon - X more % per level of your MATK amplifies your normal attacks.
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  19. Own

    Own Moderator

    Toxic Touch - Touching an enemy (as in, walking against it) deals % of your base attack damage per second. Finally, you've learned from the enemies of old and turned their tricks against them.

    Explosive Might - You've become so strong that merely killing a foe is enough to make it explode. You're a little bit scary, you know that? % chance for enemies to explode on death, dealing ? damage with a radius of ?.

    Someone Your Own Size - +% chance per level for enemies to spawn as Elites.
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  20. werodar

    werodar Green Slime

    Just another idea i had:
    If you dont hit an enemy for X seconds your next swing will deal X% more dmg (stacking up to3/5?)

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