The Ultimate Talent Suggestion Thread!!!


1: Spellshield: You get granted a shiled for 5 (or x) seconds, you are immune to 1 ranged attack while the shield is active. shield is activate when ep is less than x%.
2: Lifesteal: Gain x% health back for every arrow that hits the enemy. (Making arrows more useful)


How about some talents that reduce one stat , but increase another at a higher rate than normal talents? I love min-maxing in RPGs to help construct the best build I can.

Glass Cannon - +% to ATK, -% to DEF (or -% to HP) per level.

Sting Like A Bee - +% to ATKSPD, -% to ATK per level.

Stone Titan - +% to ATK, -% to ATKSPD.

Careful Caster - +% to MATK, -% to CSPD.

Motormouth - +% to CSPD and EP Regen, -% to MATK.

Rusty Tank - +% to DEF and HP, -% to ATK and MATK.

Fragile Flesh, Soaring Spirit - +% to MATK and CastSpeed, but casting any spell applies a debuff that reduces all non-magic stats (and speed?) by % for # seconds.

Fairweather Blessings - +% to all stats, so long as # seconds have passed without taking damage. Turns into a debuff for # seconds after taking damage.


Battlebreaker - Your next attack after your shield is broken is a guaranteed critical, dealing +% critical damage.

Spirit of the Snapping Turtle - After shielding # attacks without taking damage, your next attack gains +% damage.


Survival Instinct - Killing enemy up to X seconds per Talent Level after dying, revives you with 1 HP.

Flatliner - You can heal yourself up to X seconds per Talent Level after dying.

Walking Perfection - Any guard with shield have X more % per Talent Level chance to be rendered Perfect.

Perma Shield - X% more per Talent Level chance to randomly block attack with shield when not holding it.

Inverted Vitality - Taking damage increases max HP for some time, up to X% cap. Cap and time increase with Talent Level.

No Thinking - Spamming randomly different skills makes next skills cast charged. Chain length before charging decreases with Talent Level.

Surrounded - Normal attacks will increase power if each of them is done in different direction. Cap increases with Talent Level.

Sightseeing - Changing area/room will make you invincible for X seconds per Talent Level.

Racism - Killing an enemy will increase damage dealt to enemies of this kind by X% per Talent Level.

Free Summons - Restores X% more per Talent Levelof reserved MP when cancelling summon.

Adrenalline - Slows time after taking damage for X% seconds per Talent Level.


There seems to be a serious oversight in the talents: There's a +Attack Speed talent, but not a +Cast Speed talent.

So I suggest,

Motormouth - +# Cast Speed per level.


Magic dearly needs some love.

Energy Rush
- After hitting an enemy with a spell (1 instance per spell cast, no Flamethrower / Insect Swarm / Summonabuse) , increase EP regen by (Charge Level * Talent Level) % for # seconds. [Rewards charging up big spells and aiming them accurately, allowing for a steady MP supply if you're careful]

Soul Snatcher - After killing an enemy with a spell, increase EP regen by % for # seconds. Alternatively restore % EP. [Makes grinding with magic possible by bombarding enemies with spells, though perhaps not completely useful in boss battles without adds]

Unstable Spirit - Maximum magic damage potential increases by 10% per level, but minimum potential damage decreases by 5%. [More damage variance? -15% to minimum / +30% to maximum when rolling magic damage numbers?]

Chain Cast - Upon casting a charged spell, % chance to cast that same spell again at the current charge level in the next # seconds. [Silver Charge a Fireball? 5% chance to flash after casting it, allowing your next fireball to cast at Silver Charge instantly. Maybe also allows Chain Casted spells to reduced in cost? Though probably not.]

Spell Storage - Upon shield canceling a charged spell, that spell remains charged for [Talent * 2?] seconds. The spell can instantly be cast from that charge level within that time. Perfect Guarding while a spell is stored makes that spell free. [You charge up a Silver Fireball, shield cancel out of casting it, maybe you keep glowing or something. You get to run around to find a better spot to blast an enemy with, great. Or you perfect guard and that charged spell is free. Sounds skillful and fun! :D]

Spell Strike - Upon attack canceling a charged spell, that spell remains charged for [Talent * 2?] seconds within the weapon. The spell is instantly cast upon striking an enemy in that timeframe. Perfect Guarding into the attack makes that spell free. [Instantly combo a wand-hit into a fireball launch, or a meteor/earthspike popping up in front of you? Seems fun! I'd prefer mechanics like these 10,000% more than 'Cast a spell, your next skill costs % less EP' ;)]
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:D Out of curiousity, when do you think we could expect to see new Talents being put into the game? I think the only thing that's keeping mages from being as viable as Melee dudes is the fact that they have a lack of nifty Magic-only Talent options to customize themselves with. Especially when it comes to being able to farm enemies. There's a lot dedicated to being a Battlemage Hybrid, but put wizardyness is rare.

Or is 10 per Melee/General/Magic going to be standard for a while to come? :(


Battlehardened - After blocking an attack with your shield, increase Shield HP Regen by (TalentPoint * 3)% for # seconds. If a Perfect Guard, multiply this 10.

Unbroken Barrage - If your shield is intact but under (TalentPoint* 10)% HP, gain (TalentPoint*10) ATK and MATK.

Vulnerable Vengeance - For (TalentPoints*0.5) seconds after your shield is broken, your skills and spells charge from their highest level.

Last Stand - When HP is under (TalentPoints * 5%), shield HP regen is increased by (TalentPoints*50?)%.

Tempering Blade - For every successful melee strike, restore # shield HP.

Biding Backlash - For every source of damage taken on your shield, gain +(TalentOrb) ATK/MATK. This bonus vanishes (10-20?) seconds after the first hit was taken, or after your next melee strike / your next successful Skill/Spell hit, whichever comes first. [The enemy is releasing a giant barrage of attacks? Shield up, wait it out, get a huge attack bonus and have a powerful next hit.]

Whisperweaving - Channel your spells with whispers alone for (TalentOrb*2) tenths of a second, allowing you to move freely while charging without adapting the physical casting stance for a short time.


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Battlehardened - After blocking an attack with your shield, increase Shield HP Regen by (TalentPoint * 3)% for # seconds. If a Perfect Guard, multiply this 10.
How to beat Winter's newly buffed Snowstorm on Hard? :p


I already can survive his new buffed Snowstorm on hard. :p Plus it wouldn't work. Shield HP regen isn't constant, when the shield is damaged there's a 0.5-1 second delay before it resumes regenerating.


Friendly Moderator (Formerly known as GoodStuff)
I already can survive his new buffed Snowstorm on hard. :p Plus it wouldn't work. Shield HP regen isn't constant, when the shield is damaged there's a 0.5-1 second delay before it resumes regenerating.
How do you survive the new snowstorm? It was supposed to be buffed so hard that you couldn't tank through it and I even tried it out myself.


That may be true in Hard Mode, but Arcade is a mix between Normal and Hard.

Full +DEF items hoarded across 12 levels, Silver Charge Protect and a Defense Potion. Unless he's been buffed again since the last time I tried.


Friendly Moderator (Formerly known as GoodStuff)
That may be true in Hard Mode, but Arcade is a mix between Normal and Hard.

Full +DEF items hoarded across 12 levels, Silver Charge Protect and a Defense Potion. Unless he's been buffed again since the last time I tried.
Hmm.. I don't know if I used a DEF potion last time I tried to shield tank his snowstorm on Hard., but maybe Arcade isn't the same as Hard so that you can pull that sweet strategy off. :p


Beefy Buffer - For every unique Support skill buff you have active that you have cast, gain +# ATK/MATK per charge level for it's duration. [Intended effect: Characters that specialize in Support magic can make up for weaker attack skills by charging up Support skills. A viable Enchanter/Buffer class. :D]

Marked For Death / Hunter's Prey - After hitting an enemy with an arrow, gain a +# ATK bonus vs it for the next # seconds. Firing another arrow removes this buff. [I'm not sure if this violates Teddy's 'Bows are dumb' thing, but it would certainly make me more willing to pop an arrow off at an enemy and close in for the kill. As it stands, arrows are a no-use thing or a fire-all-at-once thing. :(]

Sword Dance - After casting an 1H / 2H skill, your next different skill in the same weapon type gains a +# ATK (or +% DMG?) bonus. Can be combo'd with further different skills for an increasing bonus, until one has been repeated or a different skill has been used. [So you cast Berserk. Then you cast Smash, +5 ATK. Heroic Strike, +10 ATK. Whirlslash, +15 ATK. End it with a Throw, +20 ATK. No more 2H skills to continue the combo with. This would make focusing on all the 1H or 2H skills viable, particularly in boss fights, instead of focusing on 1 or 2. :)]

Elemental Mastery - After casting an Elemental Magic spell, your next different spell in the same element gains a +# MATK (or +#% DMG?) bonus. Can be combo'd with further same elemental spells for an increasing bonus, until one has been repeated or a different skill has been used. [Same as above. Fireball, +15 MATK Meteor Strike, +30 MATK Flamethrower. Benefits for investing heavily into the same field of magic.]

Ultimate Defense - Transfer 1% of all damage taken to shield HP per Talent Level. If shield is broken, while it is broken take extra damage equal to what would otherwise be reduced.

Pumped Up - After shield cancelling a weapon skill, gain +# ATK a different Active weapon skill if used in the next 5 seconds. Multiply ATK gain by charge level. [You have max Smash, but Smash ain't so hot against this boss? Charge Smash up to Gold, cancel out of it and gain a nice chunk of damage with your next Silver Rank Heroic Strike. 'Active' disqualifies Berserk/Shadowclone. :p]


Spitfire - Fire debuffs last # seconds less, but deal +10% damage per hit. (Same damage, but done in a shorter period of time.)

Overcharge - Spells charged for 1 second over their maximum charge level gain (5 * #)% damage.

Arcane Wounds - Enemies have a % chance of being debuffed with 'Arcane Wounds' for the next (?) seconds after being hit by a spell. Restore (?) EP by hitting them with your weapon before Arcane Wounds fade. Represented as a purple outline around them.


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A talent that NEEDS to be added is an AOE heal spell. Since this game has Co-op and there are buff spells (Protect and Haste) why not add a healing group of magic.

Some examples:

- Heals caster for X%. Give it a high-ish energy cost to help prevent spam or a cool-down( just don't make it ridiculously long one). More ranks= stronger healing power.

Regen- AOE health regeneration. Regenerates X% health over X seconds/minutes. Dunno how the mechanics would work, i'm not a programmer :) More ranks= more regen and longer regen time(Regenerates health for a longer time) or shorter (Regen health faster).

Mass-Heal- Large AOE Heal. Long cast time large radius, very high energy cost. More ranks= Larger AOE, more health restore.

Just my idea, played the game co-op a lot and have found the health orbs to be less effective then when split between group. Also, I'd prefer if the spawn rate for orbs was increased or the health restore was increased, I want healing in the game because healing is something that is in every RPG and it is very helpful, co-op or solo.

Other than this, I love the game. Hope it stays around for a while and has more content, it would be a real shame for this game to go like so many other Indie games and fade away. Keep up the good work!


I think the entire game is balanced around the mechanic of "Prolonging Death". There's no way to cheat your way out of death by undoing damage already taken (unless the game gives you a health orb, but that's no guarantee), but there's plenty of ways to stretch out the distance between HP 1> and HP = 0.

You have DEF potions, Talents, Protect, Cards, Pets and Equipment to reduce damage taken.

You have Equipment, Cards and Pets to raise Max HP.

You have shields to block incoming damage altogether.

You have skills to help manuver out of taking damage (Piercing Dash, Dodging Strike).

In multiplayer you have the ability to ressurect your buddies, if you can find a window to.

You even have ways to distract enemies from hitting you. (Frosty Friend)

Worst case scenario, you have grinding and level-ups to increase your stats.

And most importantly, you have a ton of ways to make enemy HP = 0 before yours does. :D Even if you do die, you just get right back in there knowing new ways to avoid damage.

The only way healing could ever possibly be balanced in SoG is if Energy weren't infinite. Secret of Mana limited your MP and limited the number of MP replenishing items you could carry, but it also balanced it's boss battles under the assumption that you had ways to heal. So they took longer, hit harder and felt more tedious if you did die in the end. Same with Link to the Past and most other RPGs.

In SoG we get shorter and more skill-based boss battles in exchange for not having to worry about HP micromanagement. Memorizing boss patterns and dodging attacks seems so much more satisfying than guzzling a dozen potions or circle-strafing until you can cast Cure while wailing on them, at least to me. :(


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Advancing Strikes - Gives your basic default attacks more forward momentum/a further lunge by a set amount each rank

This passive talent would allow you to more aggressively chase down enemies and give you a bit more mobility with basic attacks. This talent would probably fall under melee or general, but would favor people focusing on ASPD.

Basically I want to be able to move like Adol Christin from the more modern Ys Series games. Example.

I find it a bit frustrating that after a few strikes enemies seem to slowly get knocked out of range.

Edit: Perhaps at higher ranks also increase knockback too? So you're not "advancing" past your enemies too much.
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Oh boy.. :D

Dealing physical damage has 5% chance to stun per level - with 5 levels making this 25%, not too OP, but still quite nice. I think.

Charged spells will add 5% damage per charge, per level - Maybe 5% is too much, probably is, but hey balancing! Anyways this will promote charging skills to the max, and might be a good option for those not willing to go with a summon.

Casting a spell will add 15% chance to inflict a status element on next basic attack, based on spell element - So if you charged a fire spell, your basic attack will have 15% to burn, with cold, 15% to freeze/chill, and on lightning charge, maybe... a short stun? And maybe a poison type for the nature spells? It's rather similar to wit, but I still think it can be fun to have this around.

Getting hit has 5% chance to leave a decoy behind - The decoy has 25% - 50% of your current life, and stays there until killed or time expires(5 - 10 seconds?). It's purely to soak up damage, so it won't attack, move or anything.

Your summons deal 10% per level extra damage on targets you hit with your basic attack - The 'mark' can only be applied to one enemy at a time, or expires after a short time(3 seconds?). I think the second might be even better, promotes active play.

Your movement speed increases temporarily after striking an enemy with your basic attack - A really short buff, talking about 2 seconds or something. I'm not sure on the value on this one, I really don't have a feel how much 5% 10% or 50% will be ingame. So I'll leave that blank for now.

Perfect block will reflect 50% of the damage dealt per level - talking about the damage taken by the shield. For those avid blockers, I think they can really appreciate it. And for those annoying beessssssssssszzzZZZZZ D:

So what are your thoughts on talents that have a positive effect and a negative effect? It does promote build diversity, but might push players into a specific corner. I think those things can be very nice, since they can offer risk for reward. A mechanic I personally love :)