The Ultimate Talent Suggestion Thread!!!


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Replace the Potion talent with a general talent that'll increase buff duration universally.

It'll certainly make it worth sinking points into considering the recast timing of pots, and support spells are atrociously tedious to manage.
It could possibly contribute to berserk builds as well, with the whole combo timing disappearing after the smallest bit.

The G-Meister

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I believe EP regen is set to or already does slow down the rate of decrease of EP with Beserker Style, and the whole support skills section will get a redo at some point, in case that's anything to change your viewpoint :p


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Health Steal- Just really weak health steal. Health Steal so weak it really makes you question why bother unlocking it in the first place. I mean, it would've made more sense to add it to a weapon since that's the part poking people...


Based on the new potion system revamp:

Potion Potency: Increases the bonus that potions give by %.
Potion Pooling: Increases potion refilling from enemy deaths by %.


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So I saw the discussion about adding ranged attacks to staffs and that got me thinking.
How about an ability that allows you to fire Magical Arrows for EP? Damage calculated from MATK. Or, alternatively, allow one to charge normal arrows with MATK?
Also if there's the idea of adding an 'orb' to Staff-attacks, maybe be able to add the Chain Lightning -effect to it, or a small AoE-explosion?


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Saw another thread about Healing powers. I agree that the way the game is designed, healing per se isn't really required. The experience and challenge is much more enjoyable this way, in particular with the boss-fights.

However, a couple of ideas did pop to my head that perhaps haven't been mentioned yet:
*For the multiplayer-games, perhaps there could be a support spell where the caster doesn't heal anyone, but instead redirects damage onto themselves from other player/s? Possibly with the caveat that the damage-receiver mustn't die or both "linked" Players snuff it.
*I was going to suggest a spell/ability that increase Damage-dealt based on Damage-taken, but then I realized the Last Stand -abilities probably already grant this effect.
*Perhaps an ability that grants a very, very short invulnerability could work, if the conditions for it were strict enough. For instance: cost is 50-100% of your max EP, and casting always reduces EP to zero. Depending on the % and charge level, the duration could be, say, 1-3 seconds.
OR, any hits you take during the invulnerability heal the enemies you're facing.
OR, unless you clear the mob/boss during the invulnerability, you end up taking double/triple the original damage.
OR, in order to not take the damage you otherwise would take, you have a very short timelimit during which you must return the damage (times X) to the enemy who attacked you, except that when you return it, the enemy gets healed.
*Perhaps simply a Support-spell that protects from negative status ailments, such as Poison or Slow. (...are there any others yet? :p)
*Getting further away from 'healing' -ideas but zany and worth a mention: how about a support-spell that creates forcefields? They could be aimed like Earth Spike and Titan's Throw, and could for instance Perfect Block projectiles from afar or control where mobs moved. Perhaps even forcibly stun enemies that run into the forcefield too fast.
Just a small one I got here: Autoguard - For defensive builds, this Talent adds a small chance to automatically perfect guard an attack, whether from behind or whatnot. 5 levels, ends up with a max of 15%.


Green Slime
General trait idea:
Splash orbs
getting healed by an orb heals your minions (frost friend) and allies by *10% (per level)
*10% of what they would heal if given a healing orb


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Small ideas

Leech Life: when hitting an enemy has an X% (more per level) chance to steal hp from said enemy.

Pickpocket: when hitting an enemy has X% (more per level) chance to steal money/drops from said enemy.

Concentrate: when hit by an enemy while casting. Cast wont be lost. Caster can continue casting the spell where they left off. (Note: only applies if casting the same spell.)

Bait!: X% (more per level) chance to get better rewards while fishing.

Backstab: X% (more per level) chance to do more dammage if attacking from behind.
Not sure if I can still suggest it or its too late, but what about adding "Golden Talents"?Basicly, there will be around 5-7 "Golden" talents and new Golden Talent Orbs which you get every 10 levels. Each Golden Trait can be leveled only once.
Few ideas:

Opportunity Strikes:
Gives static 20% chance to summon shadow clone of yours, that will deal 80% of damage you dealed with attack that proced this talent.(F.e. if you hit with heroic slam for 1000 damage, shadow clone will attack target for 800 damage!)

Second Wind:
Completly depleting HP has 10% chance to instantly revive you with 30% of your max HP.

Fire Fury:
Casting spell or using weapon has 15% chance to spawn Fire Nova that sets everyone on fire(deals 100% of MATK over time) and 50% of ATK instantly.(F.e. having 300 atk and 500 matk, will deal 150 damage instantly and 500 damage over time)

Shield Mastery:
Gives 20% chance to perfect block any hit, by simply blocking.

Has chance to refund EP spent from using ability.

Pain Train:
The higher your combo against enemy, the higher damage you start to deal(+1% more damage every 1 combo hit, caps at 50% increased damage)

Those might need tweaking and some more could be used.
Also, you cannot refund those, but can use /respec(as long as it exists). You should think about which ones you want to take, as you will get only 2-3 by last dungeon.

Hopefully you liked this idea!


Overspark - Magic weapon projectiles travel % farther.

Superspark - Magic weapon projectiles deal % more damage.

Soulspark - Regain # EP after killing an enemy with a magic weapon projectile.

Arcanaspark - After killing an enemy with a magic weapon projectile, gain +% MATK for # seconds.


Overspark - Magic weapon projectiles travel % farther.

Superspark - Magic weapon projectiles deal % more damage.

Soulspark - Regain # EP after killing an enemy with a magic weapon projectile.

Arcanaspark - After killing an enemy with a magic weapon projectile, gain +% MATK for # seconds.

Allspark: Magic weapon projectiles deal double damage to robots :D


Change talent.

Insult to Injury
: Reduce bonus given, make it stack per debuff instead of making it a one-and-done talent. Or make it multiplicative. Also add it's damage to all sources of damage, not just basic attacks. If you want to run a build that inflicts tons of debuffs on an enemy (Chill/Freeze/Burn/Stun/Stasis/Taunt?/Reaper?), enjoy a few seconds of crazy damage.

Random talents.

Follow The Leader: Summons now prioritize attacking the last enemy you hit in melee, if possible. They gain % damage vs this target.

Manaboom: When casting a spell, if you would still have over 100 when the spell is completed, spell gains % damage. (A talent to synergize with mana-heavy builds / EP-reduc focused builds. Santa hat suddenly viable?)

Bloodtype EP+: If your EP is higher than your HP, increase ? (atk/cast speed? MATK? ???) by %.

Hybrid talents.

Sworcery: If you have the same number of points in melee skills as magic skills (maybe with a wiggle room of 1 point), all skills cost % less EP.

Harm-ony: If the difference between your ATK and MATK is not greater than (# or %), increase crit chance and crit damage by %.


Defensive equipment is largely boring because there's no synergy with it anywhere else in the game. Maybe there can be a solution with talents?

Buffed Buffer: For every ? Defense you have, add ? seconds to all buffs applied to yourself.

Maybe something for having a lot of HP, too.


Green Slime
Perfect Strike: Basic attacks that interrupt enemy attacks deal 10%/20%/30% more damage.

Silver Tongue: Items sell for 50%/100%/150% more. (Love the idea of this, but maybe hard to implement in a system where gold lets you respec. An expensive item might warrant respeccing before selling and respeccing after, which would be a bit silly.)


Time Out: When put into HP Critical, the enemy that hit you (if any) is immediately locked in stasis for 1 second per talent level. Cooldown of 30 sconds after being triggered.

Missile Momentum: Every successive magic missile you land upon an enemy without missing a missile makes the next one gain +% damage, up to a maximum of %. More talent points increases the damage % gained, or the maximum, or both?

Might & Magic: If you are using a hybrid weapon, after hitting any enemy with a melee attack, your next magic missile will do +% damage, and vice versa. (May be difficult to add with pure magic weapons giving attack as well.)


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Snap Cast: "Casting a spell directly after a Perfect Guard will briefly increase MATK by 10% per Talent Level." would be nice to specify how long the buff lasts and/or have a buff icon to indicate it's activation.