1. Darriden

    All Achievements Achievement!

    With the full release of the game came many new achievements, surprisingly, no "Unlock All Achievements" was added. For a game themed around grinding for every last item, and filling every collection, I think an "Unlock All Achievements" Achievement would suit the game extremely well! I've been...
  2. S

    Just finished the story, have a suggestion regarding background music usage.

    So, I finally got around to playing the new story segment. Really liked the lost ship, and I love where the story went, and how serious it got. On that note, though, coming back to Evergrind to progress the story and having it's happy, upbeat music play while you're returning to Collector HQ...
  3. M

    Workshop Mods

    Hello dear developers! I like your game, and i want to make it better. I think it could be interesting to add some workshop compatability. And not only with translations, but also with mods! I don't really know your game engine and your scripts, but I think that it could be possible. For...
  4. Almaranth

    A.I. Companions

    Hello, It has been awhile since I have last played Secrets of Grindea, and I figured I would give it another shot since there has been so much new content compared to my last run of the game. Coming from games like the Mana series, Dragon's Dogma, Divinity: Original Sin I & II, and The Elder...
  5. N

    Rework the Smash Skill

    The smash skill are really cool but the ball is ruined it. It made the player want to hit the ball to hit monster than hit the monster with the skill. So pls fix it by make the ball have 1 hit point so it gone for 1 hit or make it only shot in gold charge. Also buff the whirlslash it are ruin my...
  6. A

    Is there a way to sell wallpaper/floors/furniture?

    If there is I may just be too dumb to figure it out (this is entirely possible) but there doesn't seem to be a way to sell anything related to the housing. I accidentally bought more than one of a wallpaper and I don't need the dupicate for anything. But I have no way of gettnig rid of it to my...
  7. A

    Possibly more "I" in the chicken "AI"

    I know this sound like a weird and arbitrary request, but I was wondering if it would be possible to make the chickens a bit smarter. Or possibly move the coop in the starting town. Currently the chickens will kind of home in on it, but will ultimately go between the cliff and the coop only to...
  8. L

    My Thoughts on the Game (First Impressions)

    I browsed the list of all the games on Steam, listed from best to worse based on ratings. I had the co-op and RPG tags enabled and it was to my surprise that I found what I was looking for at the top: This game. The fact the game has over 90%-95% positive feedback, has SNES-styled graphics and...
  9. MaxDamage

    [Suggestion] Music settings in the Player House

    The base for my suggestion is that in the new player housing feature, it would be nice if you in the house settings area could change the music to different settings, but how it is unlocked could be some of the following ways: 1, Music is unlocked though the OST DLC 2, Music is unlocked from...
  10. Vysen

    [Suggestion] Overkill System or Combo System

    I had a quick thought come to mind about two systems that would help reduce on the grinding in the game but at a far level, making it so people can't just zoom through it but don't spend hours grinding for one thing. The Overkill System is simple. When an enemy is one shot the remaining damage...
  11. MrChocodemon

    [Suggestion] Change Astrids sprite to reflect her portrait

    She has purple brows. (The sprite looks as if the seer was planned to look different at some point)
  12. MrChocodemon

    [Suggestion] Fix Red's shoulder portrait

    His sprite and portrait have different clothing styles.
  13. MrChocodemon

    [Suggestion] Mr Fabulous needs dialogue

    EDIT: This has been found already, but I leave this in the suggestion section anyway. Or as I like to call it: Mr Fabulous' missing exclamation point When you talk to Mr Fabulous...
  14. MrChocodemon

    [Suggestion] 1 billion apples easteregg?

    What if (per hack, or otherwise) the player actually has 1 billion apples in their inventory when first passing the bridge? I think it would be nice if there was some kind of reaction/change of dialog if that were the case. I am always reminded how the slowpoke tail pokemon silver was priced at...
  15. G

    Support Abilities

    I feel that having a damage reduction and attack speed increase just isn't enough for the support role, an actual healing ability would be nice or perhaps a channeling ability where you can make one team member imune like the crystals from the flying fortress or maybe give a party member some...
  16. GilVallus

    (Spoilers ig) [Redacted Boss]

    I've been hella inactive here, but I have been keeping track of the devblog and vilya's blog and wanted to throw in a third idea on how the final phase could go: The idea of them being stationary and spewing enemies/items is nice, but I think the mimic should be technically vulnerable through...
  17. S

    Exchange of items between players

    In the arcade mode, there are people who prefer magic, another atack ... it would be interesting, if you had how to change ... why would each play with what he would like ... example: player 1 he plays with magic but gets items from Atack, player 2 likes atack but gets only magic ... the 2 could...
  18. MrChocodemon

    [Suggestion] Fixing the menu

    I will now try to constructively criticize the menu. I have no art degree or years of experience in design. What I have to offer is about 21 years of gaming experience and the perspective of a user. And I also know that some parts of the UI are newer and others are way older, which leads...
  19. WalceDony

    In game "Rank" suggestion!

    Instead of your rank increasing after completing parts of the story (it doesn't at the moment, but it probably will in the future), perhaps with each of our forum accounts we could get a code which we can use to connect our forum accounts to each of our characters in game, and the rank of our in...
  20. Orion

    [Suggestion] Party Member HP

    When playing with others, it would be really nice to be able to see their HP, even just a small bar over the head. Makes it easier to keep everyone alive, so no one's running around grabbing all the orbs while the other person(s) are dying.