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Patch 0.660a - Quick! To the DeLorean!

Well, this took longer than we had anticipated (something completely unheard of in game development)! The first part of Tai Ming is here, and the "dungeon" concept introduction and some of its enemies can now be experienced.

Recommended level: around 18-20

Update Description

Copypaste disclaimer: This is one of those real Frontline updates, meaning the polish level is at maybe 80 % or so. Place holder sounds, some missing effects, etc! The older timers will know what to expect!

Also note: There are several items that will be craftable with the items dropped by the enemies, however, the recipes aren't in the game yet! Stay tuned.

Uploading this patch is a mixed bag of feelings, because I do feel it's quality content, but holy heck did it take a long time to deliver on. This was partly due to the roughly 2-3 weeks of personal disasters in May, but mostly it's just because this temple is so work intensive we would've been executed on the spot if we pitched it to a publisher.

I'd say there's roughly 30-40 minutes of content there, if you play the game like a normal person (dying once or twice, watching the cutscenes but not talking to everybody). If you enjoy the combat, you can probably get a lot more by replaying the area on Hard and fighting in the garden. The enemy compositions haven't been this brutal since Pumpkin Woods!

We're very interested in hearing what you think of the "temple" and its enemies/inhabitants so far!

We'll gladly take your feedback on the patch right here in the thread! If you want to provide feedback for enemy encounters etc, please provide your character level and primary skills used!

/taimingreset will reset the entire zone except for the non-story related chests!

Here are the tiny, tiny patch notes:

  • The first part of Tai Ming is now available!
  • It should now be possible to use Turkish special chars in translations
  • Shadow clone's shadows no longer cuts through environment (boxes, bushes, etc)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a common out of bounds bug in Mount Bloom
  • Shadow Clone particles no longer appear if the player is invisible
Added notes for 0.660b:


  • The statue time puzzle has received some 'environmental hints', since it was unclear to a lot of people
  • Perfect guarding Ancient Statues now delays their next jump by one second
  • The Oni Mask can no longer be obtained from a Present Day chest - it will be moved further into the dungeon
Bug Fixes
  • Players getting pushed or thrown away at high speeds should no longer go out of bounds or get stuck
  • Bishop should no longer toy with your heart by spawning rewards in unreachable places in Arcade Mode
  • Fixed a bug allowing Thorn Worms to dig through the level bounds and escape into a brand new world
  • Defeating the Cursed Priestess at a specific moment no longer removes player collision (allowing premature time warps and softlocks)

Next Patch, 0.670 Frontline: The second, slightly larger zone of the town will be made available. It features a new type of enemy that poses a different threat depending on what other enemies are nearby!
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Shadow clone's shadows no longer cuts through environment (boxes, bushes, etc)

No more cheesing the Mushroom Helm for you guys anymore! Woohoo!

Initial impressions:

That fan lady whipped my ass good three times in a row with my maxed guy. Switched to normal and she barely scratched me with her fans, I pummeled her good.

On normal, I hid down here and none of the fans touched me. Intentional blind spot?


This music is AWESOME

Link, Randi, Terra...Zelda, ?, Final Fantasy 6? Who is Randi?
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Bug: Clay jars drop items labeled 'Small Mushroom', with the description 'A weird module'. The graphic is right, at least.

Is it intentional to have to hit statues several times after you deplete their HP to break them? Unless this is part of a puzzle, beating a statue inactive on a pressure plate somewhere.

After reading all the panels about 'Zhamla Meer' in the Flying Fortress, it's a bit odd not seeing back mention it. Though I guess a first time player just playing through the game normally might have forgotten Zhamla Meer at this point, too

Typo: Shiidu, 'wooried'.
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Bug: In the big building's top floor when you first enter town, in the first chest, is a glove labeled 'Small Mushroom', same description.

I wonder, if I hadn't opened that chest in the past in the basement, would it have been open in the future Chrono Trigger style...? Hm.

Oni Mask is a strictly worse Gas Mask. Given how few face items there are in the game, I was hoping they would each do something different. :p +5% Crit DMG or something. It looks really cool, though.

I just opened a chest and got a ton of money. Should I feel bad? I mean... they're all dead so it doesn't matter. And it's not technically grave robbing...

Oh you terrible, sneaky person, @Teddy. There I saw a clear path ahead and as soon as I approach, BAM, Roger Lyke out of the shadows.

I really like the update. :) The monsters were fun on normal. Now to try out the boss again on Hard and grind the mobs.

Typo: Thorn-Worm description, "and is easy to take out."

Typo: Ancient Statue descriptiom, "The only things that is"
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Skipping the cutscenes in Tai Ming can cause some of the NPCs to break. Like the master dude:

As you can see, I "attack" instead of "talking" to him.

If you save and exit and then start up the game again, the cutscene will play again, so you can't really skip it.


I just got two cards within a minute of each other. +6 Defense, +DMG to high-def enemies. Am I extremely lucky or are the card rates off?

Echo of Madness second drop is a Small Mushroom.
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Small question: will I be able to recognize as soon as I finish the current content? Because right now I feel like I'm stuck, running back and forth for about 20 minutes.


Small question: will I be able to recognize as soon as I finish the current content? Because right now I feel like I'm stuck, running back and forth for about 20 minutes.

I'm assuming you're hunting for the key? Given that the NPC mentioned he lost it playing with the dog, I thought perhaps it was somewhere in the area of the dog. Instead the spare key to his home is in the collector's area at the start of the game for... some reason? What?

Is there something to indicate that you should go back there, aside from talking to the guard at the start and hearing him say he'll move in about 15 minutes? Or that the way to access the house is at all tied to the collector area?


I already have the key, I just can't get to the house during the present. And during the past that guy is blocking the door.


Okay, not sure if I'm just unable to find a way to proceed or if there isn't any, but here's my feedback based on my experience before I got frustrated from running around aimlessly:

- I. Am. Simply. Blown away by Tai Ming. The music, the atmosphere, the sheer mass of new top notch assets, new NPCs (with new puns), mechanics, small details et cetera, et cetetra. It's a really beautiful zone and I enjoyed it very much and looking forward to more of it. Yes, you guys took long, but, boy, did you deliver. The quality is felt everywhere and it was worth the wait.

- Loved the bamboo mechanic.

- I literally laughed out loud during the dialogue of the guy who was
practicing combat noises

- There were a couple of pots with no collision in front of the first house (during the past). Furthermore there is a bookshelf with no collision in
the Master Sizou's house (during the present)

- Mana should have a second sentence. I know it's standard to have NPCs repeat their sentences, but her first and last sentence is seeing the player for the first time and currently she appears to have Alzheimers "seeing a new face" every time one talks to her.

- Are the three names Own also mentioned above references to certain cats?

- The effects were pretty awesome. I really enjoyed the scene
where you talk to the Cursed Priestess just before she opens a rift. The distortion of time
was depicted very well (See? Those are the side effects of the paradoxon I discovered. The annihilation of the spacetime continuum has begun!)

- A chill ran down my spine when I first saw
little Zhamla talking. I wonder what happens to him to make him change his mind. I hope it's not Tessen dying to something Zhamla thinks he could have defeated if he trained harder. :( I like Tess. Edit: Hang on a sec... is Tess the Cursed Priestess?? Interesting!

- I found the guard hats very funny! It urged me to take it off to see if there is a ping-pong ball underneath.

- I loved the
ghosts of the people you meet in the past appear in the present during their usual activites.
It made it sad and atmospheric. Very neat idea.

- Also a nice idea to crossfade between two music tracks on rift entering.

Well, that's all from my side. Keep up the great work, guys!
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I'm stuck after finding the key myself still.

Been literally running around for 2 hours now, been rubbing up against walls in both present and past, talking to people in the past, still don't really see a way through to the locked house in the present.


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if you want the solution of what to do when you got the key click on the spoiler below

you need to move the statue on the right from the past so that in the present you can pass
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if you want the solution of what to do when you got the key click on the spoiler below

you need to move the statue on the right from the past so that in the present you can pass

I literally just figured that out while I was cooking. I figured it had something to do with that area but just couldn't figure it out.

It's perhaps a little too subtle though. The only hint is the patch of dirt itself. Maybe I'm just mad though as I do tend to overlook things like that. In fact, the only thing that gave me the idea was not because I saw the dirt, but because I could shoot through the area:

The G-Meister

Giga Slime
There's no need to put spoilers everywhere guys. The Forums as a whole are marked as a spoiler when they are promoted at the end of the beta. People usually come here expecting them. Also when I'm reading, I'm lazy and don't want to have to click them all open :p


if you want the solution of what to do when you got the key click on the spoiler below

you need to move the statue on the right from the past so that in the present you can pass
Hm, well, I was unable to figure it out, so thanks. Maybe it should be somewhat easier to spot.

Edit: And that after having played Life is Strange recently.