1. A

    [Gameplay] Arcade: Master Ji's Shield Training

    Found a bug on the challenges "Rock Blizzard" and "Mt Bloom". The mobs don't agro the player =\
  2. O

    [Gameplay]Flamethrower sound still playing while putting game on pause

    When I play in solo, and use the flamethrower skill, if I press on pause when the skill sound is playing, it'll continue to play until I quit the pause menu. Doesn't seem to attack continuously, but the sound can get annoying on the long term. Thank you for the awesome game, and I hope we'll...
  3. S

    Can't Get Past the Menu

    Hi there I'm having a problem, I just tried launching the game for the first time in a while and I cant select literally anything on the menu screen now. This has never happened to me before, and the only thing that works is my arrow keys. I can't select anything and I really wanna play the game :(
  4. M

    Tai Ming Orb *Game Crash*

    I was going to Tai Ming to grind for some monster cards and decided to check out the first memory orb (the one where Zhamla gets his crown) again and then decided to skip the cutscene doing this made the game shut down with an error saying the game died, To check that this was not a coincidence...
  5. T

    The missions are restarted but you don't lose lvl or items

    It's not always, but it happens, that when the game closes unexpectedly either alt F4 or turn off the PC runs the risk that the game will delete all missions or at least the completed and you return to the beginning , but does not erase your LVL, or your items, or anything, just delete the...
  6. M

    arcade mode wrong wand given or said and displayed to be given

    just reporting that the perk for a better starting wand gives an apprentice staff not magicians rod like shown/told
  7. Xzait Dgizs

    Using Shift for skills, so you use 5 buttons instead of 10

    Occasionally, if you are using shift+ Button to reduce the amount of keys you need to press, the game will lock a skill. Every time you change areas, open then close the menu, chat with someone or complete a quest objective, you will go into a skill casting stance, even without casting any...
  8. X

    Elder Fae bug

    I was playing through frontline and i defeated the elder fae boss's, after the dialogue and scene was finished i was met with this even though the boss fight was finished.
  9. K

    [Gameplay] Multiplayer desync issues

    Hello, When playing with friends, all guests (everyone except the host) experience periodic desync issues with the host. Here are a few examples: - An enemy that spawns may be invisible to the guests, but can still attack them. - Projectiles may not appear (this is easy to reproduce in the...
  10. K

    [Gameplay] Undead monkey

    Hello, I've experienced this bug multiple times, both in single-player and in multi-player as a guest (not the host). In Tai Ming, sometimes a monkey will get stuck at low HP and will not die. It continues to attack, deal damage, and receive damage, and its health bar shows empty, but no...
  11. MrChocodemon

    [False report] I made a mistake. Sorry.

    Since update v0.719a I cannot move while charging a utility skill. And they have no charging animation (or sound).
  12. Mist

    [bug] One handed (Only on multyplayer)

    I experienced something about the dash ability offered by the one handed role. After using that dash, sometimes (not 100% of the time, about once every 3 activations) your caracter freezes in the "dahsing' sprite, at every rank I tested so far (no charge, bronze and silver charge). Once your...
  13. A

    [Gameplay][Frontend 0718.b] Bugsbunny

    It seems when the host is in the Robin Arrowshot hut, the Bunnies make a meeting. If the host leaves they will return normal but on returning to the hut they will get sucked in this place
  14. uber

    [Gameplay] Monkey throwing bug

    I ended up killing a monkey as it was doing the animation to pick up another enemy. This left the picked up enemy frozen in the air, with me unable to interact with it. It was later fixed when another monkey was able to interact with it, but having a floating enemy there for a while fits the...
  15. Adventurer Lika

    Focus Bug

    Very minor, but if you level up while using Focus the Level Up! notice won't show.
  16. MrChocodemon

    [BUG][Gameplay]Summons won't de/summon

    When me and a friend play together, Arcade or singleplayer, there would oftern be problems with summons. I was the one that joined while he hosted. I could summon everything but not de-summon. He sometimes could not summon. That was limited to the times, when we both had the skill leveled at...
  17. S

    [Bug] changing difficulty during Zalma Meer battle makes him and the fight timer stop.

    I changed from normal to hard in the middle of the battle to see the difference and instead, Zalma froze in the fire on the left side of the screen. My snow minion and cloud then killed him but the battle didn't end because the timer had stopped going down. I had to save and quit and restart the...
  18. M

    Berserker Arena Bug (v0.718a)

    I've found a bug with Berserker from the 2 handed tree in arena, I'm pretty sure this bug doesn't exist in the current stable update (my guess would be because of the new autocast persistent effects upon respawn) The bug is that if you die with Berserker active in arena - when you respawn and...
  19. Z

    [bug] with blink and winters ice spikes

    During the winter boss fight, when he spawns the ice maze, you cannot blink through the spikes. This might be intended, but i feel like you should be able to. also jesus that boss is a pain on hard mode
  20. CataclysmG

    [Bug] Sequence breaking through out of bounds in Tai Ming

    Alright, I've been playing for about 6 or 7 hours straight now and I've (un)fortunately hit a bug. In the present of Tai Ming, you can find the entrance to the place where artifacts are kept (forgot the name because I'm a genius) and you're supposed to walk up and interact with it to progress...